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davejay 06-23-2019 09:13 PM

Bad ground
So I'm just about ready to fire this thing up. Engine is rebuilt, radiator is boiled out, finally got good weather on the weekend.
So I hit the key to roll it over to get top dead center on the distributor, and smoke starts pouring out from under the engine. Left side (dr) cut power disconnect the battery and find I've fried a four wire ground lead. The only one that fryed is the lead that goes to the fire wall of the coach. Weird eh? I never touched any of those wires. Come to find out, I haven't attached the main ground strap from the motor to the frame. Who'd ever think a dead wire, like a ground lead would do that. All the negative grounding, going through a number 16 gage wire. . So, check your grounds. DJ

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