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GaryRI 06-19-2019 04:56 PM

Mounting emplty waster water tote on rear bumper
Thinking about doing it on my new to me 2000 19' Bambi. I know extra weight on bumpers is to be avoided but an empty tote would be light. Anyone else doing it?

i meant waste water

Piggy Bank 06-19-2019 06:22 PM

We just put it in the truck when we bring it, which is only on national park trips. Bungee through the handle so it stays in place.

Here are some of our tricks in case you find them useful:
1-get the valterra adapter that fits onto your dump valve opening that transitions to have a fitting that is the size of a garden hose. Now you can put the waste tote slightly downhill, put a hose on, and easily empty GRAY water into the tote.

2-depending on the size of your tote, add a secondary strap on the side without the handle. This makes it easier for 2 people to lift. We use the cheapest option, which is the 12 gallon tote. If it's full it weights about 100 pounds. Having the strap makes it easier to lift into the bed of the truck to take it to dump out. We used a ratchet tie down strap since it was cheap and we had one. Double-loop it around so you can get your hand under it, and so it tightens when you use the strap.

3-if your campsite has a convenient gray water sink, like a dish washing sink, considering using it FOR FRESH GRAY WATER ONLY. This is easily done by filling the 12 gallon tote half full, and then it can be easily dumped by 2 people into the sink, with the secondary strap helping you to lift it up. If you dump after everyone has just showered, the water smells only of soap and shampoo and is not at all funky. I cannot recommend this except for FRESH GRAY water.

GaryRI 06-21-2019 03:59 PM

ordered that valterra adapter thanks

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