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travlinchika 06-14-2019 07:47 AM

How to Store AS Batteries
I am a well read newbie but I seem to be finding conflicting answers. I Have a 2019 FC23 CB. I bought my trailer in Texas drove to home in Birmingham, Al and realized on my first trip out my one battery was fried. It oxidized my battery box. I had that and the battery replaced at DIXIE RV (DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM btw as this repair took 4 months but there is no other dealer in my state) The dealer did not put it on any type of charge while waiting to get the box in. So that fried battery number 2. I went to interstate and replaced that battery I now store it inside and keep it on trickle charge cycling on and off.

I noticed that some put their AS on shore power and put the USE/Store button on use. If I do this should I be disconnecting my batteries totally and put them on trickle plugged into the camper? I do not want to replace any more batteries but I want best way to cycle the batteries with the least amount of intervention.

I also will consider changing the inverter and installing a battery disconnect with on if that is a good thing to do. Thanks for your collective experiences. I will also eventually put a solar kit on it that make a difference.

GMFL 06-14-2019 08:25 AM

You can either. Leave your trailer off shore power and connect a Battery Minder brand battery tender or have a 4 stage converter/charger on board and then the shore power will “tend the batteries properly.
How long do you store between trips?
Where do you store your unit?

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