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Donna Foxxx 06-12-2019 02:05 PM

Mice in walls of 2006 Interstate Motorhome
Does anyone have any information on where mice could be getting into the insulation in the walls of our interstate? We think that somehow they are entering the camper once they enter the walls. We believe we have plugged any other entry location but somehow they're getting in the walls then can get almost anywhere. We always find droppings by some location large enough on the inside skin.
Or do you have any information on some strange place they might be getting underneath other than the wall.
Is there any way they can get in the wall from the top of the camper?
Any help appreciated.

Spaggs 08-24-2019 08:56 AM

You could try dispensing some stratigiclly placed mouse traps with peanut butter while you are looking for the entry way. I had to do this with my 07' Mustang recently.

nvestysly 08-24-2019 09:16 AM

From what you describe I wonder if they are in (whether inside your living space or simply inside the walls) and now they can't get out. Why do you say they are inside the walls? Inside is inside. If they are inside the outer sheet metal of the Mercedes Benz envelope they are in. Once they are in, they will go wherever they want. Why do you describe the scenario as inside the walls and then go on to say inside the skin? Maybe I don't understand what you've described.

There are plenty of places mice can get into any vehicle. Cabin air filter duct. Wiring ducts and plenums from the engine compartment. In a vehicle such an Interstate there are any number of holes that Airstream cuts through the floor, walls and roof that could be entry points. It sounds like you've looked these over and "plugged" them. Plugged them with what? Not to be argumentative but you have to look, look a second time and then look again for any and every hole or crack that may be allowing mice to enter the vehicle. Every wire, every hose, every piece of plumbing that pierces through the Mercedes Benz envelope is a potential point of entry.

We've only had a mouse once in our trailer and once in our van. We were able to catch them with the peanut butter mouse trap arrangement. Good luck.

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