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jj1876 05-23-2019 07:06 PM

2005 Safari SS sale price??
Am looking to sell this coach for something bigger. The Safari is in very good condition, but has some floor shrinkage, the AC is leaking and I replaced the blown electric hitch with a manual wind. The floor plan has the rear corner bed which is a real drag. Could someone give me an idea of an average PP sale price? One dealer offered 16,000 in trade, but I think that's pretty low. Any thoughts?

wulfraat 05-23-2019 09:21 PM

2005 Safari SS sale price??
2008/2009 international 25SS are going for 27-32k right now if in great condition.

Iím going to guess you are likely in the 20-25k range for a 2005 safari version assuming no upgrades and everything is in good working order.

Airstream classifieds and some good marketing is your friend for a fast sale at top dollar. Good time of year to sell.

Here is the collateral I put together for my 2008 25SS. A little effort goes a long way in attracting a buyer. Itís an awesome and well sought after floor plan.

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