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trailhawk 05-21-2019 02:24 PM

Just ordered stainless steel refrigerator compartment vent covers
Rain through the refrigerator vents seems to be a common occurrence for some owners. I had read about the issue before buying our Bambi Sport, and it took less than two weeks for mother nature to give me my own private experience. We had a monster rainstorm come through with high wind and nearly sideways rain a few days back and it basically rained directly inside the external vents of the refrigerator compartment which then made its way into the interior and eventually across the floor. I just happened to go look in there after the storm to see if anything had leaked since the trailer is new which is when I found the puddle.

After wiping out what we could and toweling the inside floor I set up a fan outside the refrigerator compartment as well as inside including under the dinette seat where the fresh water tank is located (the plywood in there had soaked up a bit of water as well).

Fast forward to this comes the rain again.

To try and prevent the issue from happening again I quickly cut out two rectangles of plastic sheeting I had from a recent remodel project and sandwiched them between the vents and the frame to keep any further rain out. They seem quite snug and I imagine they will work well (just gotta remember to remove them this weekend when we head out for camp).

Afterwards I bit the bullet and ordered two of the stainless steel refrigerator grates from Airstream pictured below (their image, not mine). My wallet didn't like it much, but I expect I will be very pleased with them. The look they they should do a better job of keeping rain out as well. They should arrive early next week and I'll get em installed and report back on how it went.

sylvestk 11-18-2019 01:19 AM

How did they turn out?

kittmaster 11-18-2019 07:21 AM

We had something similar and it was discovered by the repair team at our dealer that the floor for the frig was pitch IN and not OUT. They also discovered that the lower tray wasn't sealed properly for water ingress. They resealed the entire lower tray, repitched it out and all been good since.

Since your under warranty, when you take your trip to the mothership or dealer, have them repair it accordingly. Sideways water should NOT be leaking into the cabin, it is really that simple.

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