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VTairheader 04-21-2019 04:42 PM

1962 refurbed Ambassador
Hi Air Forum folks, and Happy Easter:)

My husband and I recently acquired a 1962 Ambassador and had some pretty extensive remodeling done to make it livable (had been in a barn for several years). We're heading out for our first real venture beyond weekend stays- leaving tomorrow! Excited to be hitting the road. We joined Harvest Hosts to increase our boondocking options.

Looking forward to learning more about this forum. Seems like a great place to learn...:)


65CV 04-21-2019 07:16 PM

Welcome to the forums and congratulations on a great choice of trailer.

We're on the other side of the state and have refurbished a '59 Overlander. They're very close in design, just 2' shorter.

You'll find a ton of good stuff on the forum. I'd recommend learning the Advanced Search feature and also find the model specific forums. Finally, check out a podcast called theVap -- one of the hosts has an Ambassador just about the same age as yours.

I saw that you had a tire question on another thread. Consider the Michelin LTX MS/2 tires. I understand that Airstream uses them on new trailers and quite a few people on this forum have had great luck with them. Avoid Chinese ST tires, there are a lot of horror stories about failures. We learned our lesson with a sidewall failure on our last trailer.

Safe travels!


dbj216 04-21-2019 07:27 PM

You picked a fast way to get into the vintage Airstream hobby. I think 62 was the first year of the "Dura Torque" axles. They use rubber rods instead of leaf springs and shackles. Anyway, your old Ambassador is quite a find.

You gotta post some pictures inside and out of your new Airstream. Check out the Knowledge Base, Airstream Trailers toward the bottom of the Forums page. Then click on Ambassador, and then your year. You might find all kinds of interesting information about the Ambassador built back then.

I have a 75 Overlander that I am working on. It doesn't look like a vintage trailer really as the body style is very similar to the newer trailers. Yours looks like a classic vintage trailer.


VTairheader 04-28-2019 10:40 AM

We did confirm that we have Dura Torque axles, which it seems are much better than the leaf spring if you find yourself with a flat. Thanks for pointing that out!

Ours does look like a classic outside. We've had some work done inside, so she's got a pretty modern looking interior at this point. We'll get to posting pictures once we get off the road and back to steady wifi:)

62Stream 06-13-2019 12:12 PM

62 Amabassador
Hello there,

I also have a 1962 Airstream Ambassador. I am interested to see your pictures and what you have done to refurbish it. My Airstream was purchased locally and retains most of the originality.

What have you done yourself and what do you plan to do?

My airstream needs a polish eventually but it is so big that its going to cost a ton or take some sweat equity.

Enjoy the roads,


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