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HappyHapgood 02-11-2019 02:49 PM

LandYacht mods
Bobbi and I recently did a major solar/battery upgrade to our Landyacht, and I also added a "grey tank to black tank transfer" pump and switch - both intended to improve our ability to boondock.

In the near future we are also planning some meaningful interior upgrades, and i thought I put a list of a few of the items here in case others are interested and we should coordinate in order to get some "economies of scale" pricing. Specifically:

1. Modifying the dinette seats so storage underneath them is accessible without having to remove the cushions and wooden top. Specifically, we have spec'd a drawer that opens into the door hallway for the curbside seat, and a flip up front for the roadside seat.

2. Adding a drawer to the bedside tables.

3. Adding a medicine cabinet along the top above the sink and toilet.

4. The big one... possibly moving the refrigerator across the hallway and doing a drawer refrigerator unit.

And a few other little things.

Everything will be done with matching Airstream veneers, etc. and should maintain the original theme of the Landyacht, but hopefully with some improved ergonomics.

Post if interested...



TCA and GPO 07-19-2019 01:29 PM

Can you tell me how you added a medicine cabinet? And the drawers next to bed?

HappyHapgood 07-20-2019 10:23 AM

We ordered some fake leather that matches almost perfectly to the existing fake leather and remade the top section of the existing bedside table into a drawer (with leather front). We then added a cubby hole section above that and it is opened toward the “hall”, and made of th exact matching veneer and matching white corian on top of that to being the bedside table height up to the height of the mattress. We also put USB ports inside the Coburn so the cords could be easily stashed.

The bathroom cabinet was made of white corian surround with a full inlay wood veneer door. The door swings open with a hinge on the right (to bump gains the mirror). We were able to get except matching round chrome catch knobs to keep the same design image as the rest of the trailer. It is about 18” high and wide with a corian shelf (with a nice “lip” made on the original counter and shelf to keep stuff from rolling into the toilet). The wife originally said she didn’t want the bathroom cabinet but now admits that she loves it. There was just nowhere to put anything before.

We also replaced the fridge inside a door with a new Dometic fridge (ours wasn’t working anyway) that has a flat front and we had pleather panels made to match the existing “look”. Then the cabinet above the fridge became its own standalone door. Looks really nice and eliminated the non working fridge and annoying door inside a door situation.

Also cut off the last 3 feet of the lounge and turned it into a cabinet with a hidden microwave and pull out trash can, and changed the original double stack drawers in the galley into triple stacks. Eliminated the flip down counter cover (that was the hardest decision, but don’t really regret it).

Changes the roadside rear internal hatch-accessible storage to a flip up front so I don’t have to move cushions every time I need to get into it.

We are happy but it was stupidly expensive. We can never justify it but we do like it and will have to keep it 30 years to feel justified for doing the work!

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