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aero52 01-29-2019 09:34 AM

Voyager Wireless Camera Power Source?
I need some advice on a power source.

I have a 19' 2015 International Serenity and decided to purchase and install a Voyager wireless backup camera. I read several threads on how to wire the camera to the rear center clearance light for a power source and decided to do just that.

Yesterday I finally got a chance to hook up my tow rig and try it out. After several attempts I could not get the monitor and camera to pair. I decided to check the wiring connection to the camera and it was intact. The camera power requirement was reviewed (12 volts) and voltage to the rear clearance checked and found to only be 5.34 volts, which is sufficient for my trailer's led lights but not the camera.

I now need a 12 volt source that can be routed to the existing camera mount (including 3/4" hole for camera wiring plug).

Any suggestions would be welcome.


thewarden 01-29-2019 09:56 AM

5.34v to the clearance light does not make sense, it should be 12v at least.

PKI 01-29-2019 11:53 AM

Call the dealer. Call the Mother Ship. The reason to use that wiring is to get to the 12 volt lighting buss. Either the 19 is odd, which is unlikely or something is not wired correctly. Our 2015 23 has a Voyager wired to that clearance light for the power source.

Now, I did not do the install, so maybe I'll ask. Saturday is the AS Dealer's customer maintenance seminar. Sounds like a good side discussion. Pat

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