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Argo20 01-24-2019 10:38 AM

Help!!! Argosy 20í Minuet Dinette model
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I just inherited this beautiful 1977 Argosy 20í Minuet with the Dinette floor plan. She was recently renovated by my grandparents before my grandfather passed away two summers ago. It is my understanding that she hasnít moved for close to 5yrs or more.

I cannot find an owners manual or a service manual online anywhere. I know I need to and I want to approach this baby as gently as possible but without the books I feel like Iím flying blind.

If you can help me with finding the whereabouts of owners manuals and service manuals it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you feel up to it if it might be possible someone could email me or print me a copy (of course Iíll pay the right price).

If you know of any advice I need to know going into this new hobby please feel free to share. Iíd love to find someone in there forums that has one just like mine.

Iím also thinking about naming her but Iím not sure what yet. I may name it after my grandfather. Do airstream/argosy owners do that?

Also, is it an Airstream Argosy or just an Argosy? I know it was manufactured by airstream but Iím just unsure as to what to call it. TIA

SeeMore 01-24-2019 11:26 AM

Sorry for the loss of your grandparents, but congratulations on you being selected for the inheritance. You were definitely loved.

A copy of the original owners manual can be purchased from Airstream for $48 using this link:

Most of the knowledge you seek is contained in the forums and accessible via the search function. Once you learn the structure of queries, finding specific information becomes much easier to locate. Include the following string "" in all your Google queries to limit the search to the forums when using Google directly or use the blue box search found above which does the same thing.

Explanations/examples of how to search using Google:

There is a whole section of the forum dedicated to Argosy:

You will probably like this thread:

OTRA15 01-24-2019 03:09 PM

Great advice.

Argo20, if you are working on the desktop version of this site, the blue search box above automatically adds the search term "" thereby limiting results to this AF site. The AF App's search function is less functional according to some folks here.

Here are the results for "Argosy 20 Minuet" --

Good luck, Argo20.


overlander64 01-24-2019 05:48 PM

Help!!! Argosy 20í Minuet Dinette model
Greetings Argo20!

Welcome to the world of Vintage Minute 6.0 Metre ownership!

While waiting to acquire the owner's manual for your Minuet, there are several owners of 6.0 Metre Minuets here on the Forums who will likely be able to answer any questions that you might have. I have owned my 1978 6.0 Minuet for nearly 17 years so am quite familiar with the coach and also have its owners' manual. There are relatively few differences between the 1977 and 1978 6.0 Metre Minuets.

Enjoy your heirloom Minuet and the fond memories of your grandparents that it will likely evoke!


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