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winedog 01-12-2019 05:49 PM

Defective Fantastic Fan???
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Hello all,

Have any of you seen this in a Fantastic Fan? Attachment 331540. See photo. It is a brand new fan in a brand new 2019 Globetrotter.
Along one side of the housing there is a gap. Above the gap is a hole through which I can put a piece of wire all the way up outside of the fan if open, or hit the cover if closed. In a downpour the other day, about an ounce of water came through the hole and onto the floor.
Then when we moved the trailer the next day (no rain) there mustíve been some residual water up in the cover which dripped down through the same hole.
Is this gap normal? Is the hole normal?

Thank you

majorairhead 01-12-2019 06:11 PM

Looks like a warranty item to me. Any time water comes IN to an rv, it ain't good, unless it's bottled, or comes in through the plumbing :)

winedog 01-14-2019 02:30 PM

Thank you. From a fellow airhead

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