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Garfish 11-26-2018 04:59 PM

Home charging
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So worth the cost for my electrician to install!

KelloggKid 11-26-2018 05:28 PM

If your asking if it is worth the cost of having either a 30A or 50A installed at home the answer is "It depends".

First of all I'm assuming you are taking about your 22' Sport which I assume is 30A. That should be less expensive then 50A. Before you can answer this question you will need to get a quote from an electrician. The cost is going to be dependent upon where your breaker panel is in relation to where you would like the receptacle and how accessible everything is, In my case I installed the outlet in my garage prior to insulation and sheetrock so it wasn't very inexpensive.

The second thing you need to answer is how you intend to use the receptacle. If all you are going to use it for is charging your batteries then you can get by with an existing 15A outlet and an adapter. That said, we use our 30A outlet for a day for two prior to every trip. In the summer we use it to run the AC and cool the trailer down for at least 24 hours while we are also cooling the fridge down. We also use it in the shoulder seasons to run the heat pump.

And every once in a while when we get to missing our Bambi we will pull her out of storage, back it down in front of the garage, plug her in and spend the night.

In short nobody can answer this for you. You need to find out what it would cost to have the outlet installed and then evaluate how you are going to use it and how often and then make your own determination as to whether or not it is worth it.

For us it was well worth the expense.

Garfish 11-26-2018 07:25 PM

Sorry for not being more clear. I have already installed it. Use the 22 at home and have guests stay. This allows me to enjoy with all the power needed. When batteries need a boost I will switch to “use”. Satellite, internet, water and, if needed, a macerator to my septic. Ocean view AS

AirMiles 11-26-2018 08:26 PM

Ocean view . . . What's your address so I can come over and test out that 30A connection for you next summer?

I also installed a 30A plug just inside my garage door. I use it for a day or so before each trip to run the A/C and refrigerator for packing up in the hot Florida temperatures. We have sisters with RV plugs at their houses in Wisconsin and Minnesota where we test out their 30A plugs for a few days each summer. Our sisters have an open invitation to come test out our 30A plug in Florida with their RVs if they wish.

When you have a 30A RV plug, your driveway becomes a very popular RV destination. Our family agrees its been a great addition to our homes.

68 Overlander 11-26-2018 10:11 PM

Good to see. I have 50 and 30 amp service at my house and it stays plugged in whenever it's there. No reason not to. Also good to see you are using your PI EMS surge protector.
Also installed a RV dump station in last house. Builder said it can't be called that but we can install a 4 inch washout for you. Call it what you want brother!

waninae39 11-26-2018 10:24 PM

the easiest method for limited temporary service

add a 30A outlet in a weatherproof box outside
wire it into an existing 15/20 a outlet

now plug your AS into it, but recall that the service is limited to only 15A

thus no AirCon on pls

thus no $$ panel changes or heavy wire run

mythbuster88 11-27-2018 12:19 AM

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We have Camp Redondo Beach.
50A full hookups.
Capacity 1.
50 feet max.
View, trail, laundry, bike path, park.
Five stars

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