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mbubbaca 07-30-2018 09:06 AM

Feedback on GenConneX Honda 2200 propane
I pulled the trigger and purchased the converted 2200 Honda from GenConneX. Maybe I could have done it myself, but I'm not that handy or comfortable with LP gas. So uncomfortable I didn't want to haul gas for the generator. Earlier in the year I also installed an EasyStart. I am very happy with the combination.
GenConneX shipped very quickly and they were very responsive to email and phone questions.
It was just open the box, add oil and plug into my onboard gas port. 2 Pulls and it started.
I've run it for about 10 hours. It's been in the 90's so the AC has been pulling pretty hard and the Honda has kept up very well. I plan on changing the oil and I should be good to go.
One caveat that I will add. You'll need to purchase if you don't make one up yourself a g - n plug adapter. This will mitigate the "open neutral" error that your surge protector will alert you to when you plug into the generator. I have a surge protector and a simple plugin an outlet circuit tested, both alerted to an "open ground". The GennconneX website offers a g-n adapter

All in all, maybe I could have saved some money doing the change to LP myself, but it would not look as neat and be as compact. The generator footprint is identical and has a warranty from Genconnex.

Noise is the same between the LP and gas.
Weight seems to be a little lighter to a full of gas Honda.

I'll be putting it to the test as we're heading to the SW Caravan in a couple of weeks.

OTRA15 07-30-2018 10:02 AM

Thanks for the report! This would be our next purchase before any long trips in hot weather.


OTRA15 07-30-2018 04:46 PM

PS an earlier thread FYI:

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