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littlelolita 06-21-2018 11:15 PM

Screen Door - and today's nightmare
Oh boy. Today was no fun.

I'll make it short and sweet and hope that someone will be able to save my butt.

We have been offering Happy Lolita as an adorable budget overnight oasis for several months, now. People love her, leave her notes and gifts and she seems to enjoy the love as well. Much sweeter than living in the bushes for nine years.


Couple nights ago, two young women got "stuck inside." Apparently, for no good reason that they knew of, they just could not get out. The door would not budge.

We got them out through the bathroom window and went about the business of trying to open the door. For two days.

Nothing made sense.

We called Airstream and they did not know. We called a locksmith and he suggested taking a drill and starting to eat at the door :angry:

I felt sick.

From the inside, the screen door - the beautiful screen door - was in the way of seeing what was going on with the lock.

So, off went the screen door and that's all I am gonna say about that.

Not good.

Finally, at the end of an exhausting day, we saw the bolt knob, at the top left of the door. I had always thought it was there to hook something to. What, I did not know. Apparently the girls had discovered it, turned it - and forgotten about it.

We turned it and the door opened. Just like that.

The screen door is mangled and my heart hurts.

If you could give me a lead on a screen door for Lolita, I would be ever so grateful.

Going to bed now.

OTRA15 06-22-2018 04:08 AM

Ouch, that was a hard lesson to learn about one of the risks of renting out your AS. Glad you were able to fix things without destroying the main door!

You might have better exposure with a repeat post in the Argosy forum:

Good luck,


PS — OT — Are you using Firefox as a browser? The extra blank lines in your post seems like it might be part of a more general problem:

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