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Mansderm161 06-13-2018 09:09 AM

Dump and flush question
On the interstate, after you dump black tank, then grey tank, do you close both of those valves to hook up hose and do flush? Does the dumping hose valve at the end of the hose on the reel stay open? The sticker where you hook up hose says a valve should be open, but it is not specific. Thanks

rowiebowie 06-13-2018 10:48 AM

If you want to use the San-T-Flush feature, you will be adding water to the black tank with a garden hose. You must have the black valve open and gray valve closed (and yes, your hose valve open). Be prepared to stand by the macerator switch to start the pump periodically during the flush. You'll need to empty a volume of water equivalent to what you are adding with the garden hose (as it fills). You don't want to create an overflow.

I would suggest using the San-T-Flush feature sparingly if you are not having any other problem. It's a nice feature, just not necessary every time.

Your manual should explain the process. Good luck.

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