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DaveP 05-02-2018 09:44 AM

Rear View Observation Cameras
I have read through the site (using Google search) for reviews of the different camera systems and also the on-line reviews. I have been using Fredís system with an iPhone, but it has been very unreliable, and I want to replace it.

There are two systems out there that I have read several reviews on: The Furrion Observation Camera FOS48TAPK-BL and the Yoyager WVOS541. Both cameras generally get good reviews, however, both products seem to have the same issue. The cameras tend to lose reception/cut-out at higher highway speeds (over 50 mph).

I have two main questions:

1. For those of you that own one of these systems, have you had the same experience with these units cutting out? Would you buy the camera again? If not, what would you replace it with?
2. Are there other manufacturers with products that do not exhibit these issues that I should consider purchasing?

Thanks for any advise you can provide.

peggy2ten 05-02-2018 09:10 PM

We have the factory installed Voyager 511 wireless that has never dropped connection regardless of mph.

cwf 05-02-2018 09:21 PM

Hardwired, dedicated 7” display.. never had a fallout.

thoreau2104 05-02-2018 09:30 PM

Voyager #2nd edition I believe.
I will have to check the box.

I have used for two years and have some intermittent loss of signal.

But it is also great because you will know immediately if your 7 pin starts acting up which mine did on a trip to South Carolina (little dirt on the connection).

I would buy it again for sure.

thiel 05-02-2018 09:43 PM

Factory system here. Have never lost signal.

SteveSueMac 05-03-2018 04:20 AM

Had the Voyager installed at the factory a few years ago. 27FB and 3/4T truck with short bed and PP hitch. Got to be 40+' from camera antenna to receiver on windshield. Never a drop out.

There are hard wired versions of some cameras that I guess won't drop out.

DaveP 05-03-2018 08:14 AM

Thank you each for your responses!!

Any Furrion Observation Camera FOS48TAPK-BL users out there that can provide some feedback??

Thanks :D

DaveP 05-03-2018 08:42 AM

Just as an FYI, I talked to the Voyager technical department this morning. The techie reported that he had not heard of problems due to speed, but they have very occasionally heard of problems with Airstreams (probably the aluminum skin blocking the signal). They do provide an extension antenna (at no cost) in these situations.

I got very straight-forward answers from the company. So far, Voyager is likely to get my order! :D

Any Furrion users want to chime in?

Countryboy59 05-03-2018 08:53 AM

I use the Voyager. Makes an excellent rear view mirror and works at all speeds. Seems to mess up a bit if I get my phone too close but I could be wrong about that.

Changed the angle to see down the road. Still good for backing up too.

daleyocum 05-03-2018 09:06 AM

The Garmin RV-770 GPS with optional wireless camera has been rock solid for us. That way there is one less screen kicking around. Camera is mounts at the rear, of course. I mounted the transmitted just forward of the AC unit and used the solar pre-wire to give it power.

Milo1952 05-03-2018 09:06 AM

I have the voyager. No problems at all. so far it has been flawless.

kdickinson 05-03-2018 09:42 AM

I have a DIY system I put together with individual components from eBay (total cost $80 + $20 to have it wired). It works better than I expected to be honest but it does phase out on occasion - usually right when you need it! Speed has little to nothing to do with it (all the components are traveling together at the same speed and distance) my uneducated bet is it has more to do with RF interference. The commercial product systems like you are looking at probably have much better transmitter/receiver equipment to shield from other signals interfering with the wireless signal. Regardless - they are a joy to have both for lane changes and for backing the trailer into a spot.

RJJ 05-03-2018 09:49 AM

I have the Voyager WVOS541. No signal loss. Its "Wisight" proprietary technology is supposed to eliminate signal loss due to its dedication to the monitor. Seems to work. ��

Rgentum 05-03-2018 10:11 AM

I have used the hard-wired Rear View Safety system, whose camera I installed inside the trailer, looking out from the top of its rear window. It is less expensive than most others and has worked flawlessly, although it takes some time and effort to wire the camera, from the camera to the trailer's A-frame and then from the back of the truck to the dash.

Wayne&Sam 05-03-2018 11:18 AM

I have the first system Fred sold. Worked great, the only problem was my iPhone getting too hot and causing drop outs. Keeping the phone by the air conditioning outlet solved that.

The original app it used has been discontinued, I found another but it's not quite as good. Speaking with the folks at Sharx (the camera Fred used) they said phones are being optimized for movies and games and not so much for their cameras anymore.

So I just bought a Voyager. Got the 7" screen and it was too huge. Exchanged if for the 4.3" and that is the perfect size for me. Cellphone size.

BTW, great price and service from

TexAirS 05-03-2018 12:46 PM

I'll second the Garmin bc30 camera and GPS. Rock solid. Existing screen on dash. No holes in TT skin. Inside mount with action camera mounts. Transmits 200 ft with transmitter on bed. Small hole in screen. We don't open rear window.

Trying an Android apps solution with old cell phone and truck wifi. All apps want internet access, so far it's a no go as truck doesn't have internet.


Motown 05-03-2018 04:34 PM

Have the Furrion, F-150 SC and FC23FB, have never had a problem.

DaveP 05-03-2018 07:59 PM

I received a reply from Furrion technical support and I now have a better understanding of why the Furrion has signal interruptions at higher speeds. I am paraphrasing what he wrote. Furrion relies on the RF signal bouncing off of objects around the trailer to reach the receiver in the tow vehicle. At higher speeds, particularly in a flat terrain like an interstate road, there is not as many objects for the signal to bounce off of, so weaker signals are reaching the monitor. And, their processor speed is not as fast as they need to capture and process these weaker signals, so you get an intermittent picture on the screen. They are coming out with a new unit in July which will have a faster processor and a higher signal transmission strength.

Voyager already uses a faster processor and stronger transmitter, so they do not have this same issue as Furrion. If there are intermittences, it is due to interference from other devices interfering with the camera and does not happen on a regular basis.

From the good reviews here and the conversations with the techies, I am going with the Voyager WVOS541.

Thank you all for your help. :D

BillfromWI 05-03-2018 08:58 PM

Rearview Safety for me too. I have a camera on the AS license plate and the truck cap. Both perform flawlessly and the mic on the AS can be helpful. However, pulling the cables was hard and I spliced them which requires soldering and care to maintain the video wire shield. Even so I'm glad I did it because I tried wireless systems and found them unreliable

rmkrum 05-03-2018 09:05 PM

BillfromWI, from your comments I get the impression that some of the cables have coax in them. Do you know if the coiled cable that goes from trailer to the truck has coax in it, by chance?
Where was the coax you spliced?

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