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tbashin 04-17-2018 07:04 PM

Figured out a Dbl to Sing Vista View Fix
I finally figured it out. It wasn’t easy. My ‘76 Excella double pane Vista Views up top had the inner glass broken out by the PO at some time in its life. Their fix was to cut 1/2” CPVC Pipe in half long ways and use those pieces to wedge the outer panes toward the exterior. Then they used foam spray to fill the rest of the frame, trimmed it down flush then used white latex to skim a smooth looking finish. It was ugly after who knows how many years. Each window had a variation to this idea. Apparently many minds were involved.
Here’s how I fixed it.
While working with the outer glass still captured in place by the frame, I dug and scraped until I had he aluminum frame nice and clean all the way around without breaking the glass.
Once all the caulk, foam, pipe, pieces of original gasket, silicone, polybutylene caulk, chalky old window glazing putty, etc. I found were gone, I cleaned the glass and frame with solvent then soap and water then dried it well.
While doing all this, once clean enough, the glass can be carefully worked inward or outward as needed. I used a soft plastic scraper to coerce the glass back and forth. It’s a tight fit but the glass does move back and forth but be care not to strike or wedge it with anything metal that might start a crack or chip. It’s safety glass so it will go into a million pieces.
Once clean, I pushed the glass inward so it lay flat against the inner rim then I applied 1/8” Polyshim to the outer rim of the frame. Once I had the Polyshim laying good and flat all the way around, I went inside and carefully pushed the glass outward to set it to the Polyshim.
I carefully pushed with the heel of my hand I round the perimeter to make sure all around the edges the glass was in contact with the Polyshim. Then from the inside I caulked all around the glass till I was sure I sealed the outer edge of the glass to the outer edge of the frame with silicone.
Next while the caulk was still wet, I installed a 9/16” Square O-Ring gasket I made from stock I bought at The O-Ring Store online. It’s a real tight fit on most of the circumference of the window. I used a rubber mallet to persuade it to go in because as the rubber is going in, it’s compressing the Polyshim on the other side of the glass making a good outer seal. It takes a lot of carefully placed hammer strikes so not to hit the glass too hard. On the real tight ones, I took my box cutter and trimmed the glass side outer sharp corner off the square stock. The soft rubber corner had good friction with the clean glass. One I had to use spray silicon to help persuade it to go in. I wouldn’t suggest silicone lube unless it just sticks and won’t go in all the way because I wanted as much of the O-Ring as possible to stick to that wet caulk that’s in there.
On the first one, I cut the rubber a little long then trimmed to fit by making a square cut then super glued the two ends while in place. Cut it a little long to compensate for cold weather shrinking. I tried to premeasure and glue the ends into a final “o-ring” to use but due to the stretch/compression of the rubber longitudinally I wound up recutting and just finishing the ends in place on the rest.
I think it came out pretty good.
I spent 3 evenings after work just cleaning 3 of the Vista Views to prep for the install. I had to do some final cleaning on Saturday before the “install and so it was a good 6 hour day Saturday to finish the 3 Vista Views on the road side.
What do y’all think?

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