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Connie M 11-30-2017 07:32 PM

'77 Excella 500 wheel size and brake actuation
What is the bolt circle and offset on an original 1977 Excella 500's wheels? More importantly, will the wheels and tires from a 2017 Flying Cloud 27FB fit on the Excella, clearing its disc brake calipers? Both are 15" wheels with 6 lugs but am having trouble finding any more details.

Unfortunately, the trailer is a long way from us, but the person storing it for us reported that the brakes worked fine, despite the fact that the vacuum line was not connected. Can these trailers actuate their brakes with either vacuum or electric?

4RXLA 12-03-2017 01:19 AM

The excella-vac vacuum hydraulic brake system can be retrofitted with a electric hydraulic actuator. I have a Carlisle 1600psi actuator that has worked well for several years. However, the calipers only fit with the original Alcoa aluminum wheels and won't fit with newer wheels.

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