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Goatboy 11-03-2017 02:33 AM

Brake wiring route in 49 trailwind
Does anyone know the route for the brake wiring.
So far I have learnt
- I will need to run 4 equal length wires.
- yellow and white. 2.5mm2
From the umbilical they travel into the belly pan, into the front locker and between the skins (road side).
The way I know they don't travel all the way along the belly pan is because I spent the best part of the day trying to find a route. There is really no space. The outriggers extend to the sides and to the floor and pan. The hole for the pipe is really only big enough for the pipe.

Therefore I am asking where do the wires enter the belly pan again, from the space between the skins?
I HATE putting holes in old trailers (and cars) so any advise much appreciated.

From the belly pan I have found where the steel exists the belly pan, (to support the axle), there is a small gap.
I'll use conduit, secured with magnetic cable tie holders, with 6mm preinsulated ring terminal and adhesive 4:1 shrink wrap.

I've added in all the details I have just in case it helps others
question is - where do the cables exit from the inner skin to reach the belly pan?

Goatboy 05-29-2018 03:58 AM

Just in case it helps anyone else.....
They all run outside along the bottom of the bellypan.
In conduit
The magnetic cable tie holders didn't work - rusted out very quickly.
Instead I just used cable ties.
There is infact 2 clip of the back of the plate which the wire can clip into just before being secured to the brake. I only found these too late (I had cut the wire too short
Use dielectric greese on the connections to prevent corrosion.

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