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IndyFab 11-02-2017 03:24 PM

Florida looking to become a newbe
HI Folks,

I have a Winny Navion Itasca looking to sale or trade for a Airstream about 25'-27'

First off what can I expect to get pulling a 25'-27' Airstream with a F150 3.5 ecoboost. I get 20mpg with my Winny. Its a 2008 and has the Mercedes diesel engine with only 9800 miles, that has been kept in my barn.

Would a 25-27' do it for becoming a full timer, or do I really need to step up to 30'

I have a friend who recently bought a 30' Airstream, and pulls it with a Chevy Durmax Diesel. He claims to get 16mpg keeping it 60mph

Any feed back would be most welcomed


dbj216 11-09-2017 06:55 PM

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Hello from Colorado: I've owned and traveled with an Airstream trailer since 2005; but there are many more experienced Airstreamers than me. Take my advice accordingly and do your due diligence.

Airstreams were started with aerodynamics and lightweight in mind. You could have a bigger trailer with the same tow vehicle. Airstreams are aluminum and last a long time, but the aerodynamic and lightweight construction costs a large premium over a box trailer.

Pulling an Airstream is not the best way to book good fuel economy. Pulling any camper takes horsepower and fuel. A diesel is generally 30% more efficient that a gas engine doing the same work. The F150 can do the job. I doubt you can book 20 mpg towing with the F150. I would expect in the 13 mpg range. That is what I get towing with my F350 diesel. I got 10 mpg towing with my V10. Maybe your friend's DuraMax is even more efficient, but I don't know.

Full timing in an Airstream is a huge adjustment for most. Airstreams are small inside for their length. They are luxurious and comfortable sure, but small. There are no slideouts. It is like camping in a business jet. Maybe you should rent an Airstream and pull it around and stay in it for several weeks and see what you think. For me, I would have a hard time living in a RV park where the RVs are 15 foot apart and the neighbors are changing all the time.


DewTheDew 11-16-2017 06:23 PM

I pull a 27' Flying Cloud with an F150 3.5liter and get about 12 mpg or so when towing (depending on terrain and such). It seems to tow nicely but if I got a larger one I'd probably upgrade to a 3/4 ton truck (I'm the type of guy who likes a good factor of safety rather than playing at the edge).

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