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Jaxon 09-12-2017 09:18 PM

HughesNet Gen 5, ZTE Mobley, etc., etc...
Seems HughesNet has made some improvements...

As we are usually a day late and a dollar short, we're waiting on when the ZTE Mobley device is again available from AT&T. Best Buy says they can order it and it would arrive in 2 days. Maybe. Unfortunately, we're headed out Friday morning for Palo Duro Canyon but no doubt, will be somewhere soon where we can wait for a Best Buy arrival!

In the interim, I was checking out Millenicom again (had then a few years ago before the carriers they used bailed on 'em...). Now they're using T-Mobile for decent prices but unfortunately, T-Mobile doesn't have the coverage out west we need. Too bad, they were a great deal for internet on the road, Millenicom, - never had a problem with them...

So naturally, I wandered back to checking out HughesNet, a provider I'd heard was not reliable and had internet service that was slow on good days but, you could connect anywhere. Since then however... like about 4 years or so, I've read some sporadic reports (uh, due to a poor connection...?), that their service had improved considerably. Any truth to this? Anyone have recent experience with HughesNet or have the skinny on this? :unsure:

joshjack 09-12-2017 09:47 PM

My experience is speed and reliability were ok, but I know they recently rolled out major speed upgrades. Big issue is data cap though, which really makes them no better than Verizon or At&t as far as video streaming goes. Only upside is you could be in the middle of nowhere and have service since the coverage area is basically anywhere in the continental US with a clear view of the sky.

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