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Karbi1982 08-17-2017 08:02 AM

1957 Overlander electric equals overwhelmed!
We bought a 1957 Overlander and are feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the options. Can anyone recommend someone or a business we can consult regarding the electrical system? I know we need a battery bank, converter/charger, inverter, fuse box and monitor. But we would also like to add solar at some point. I am a bit overwhelmed with the options. If I could find someone to help me with product selection and to ensure we weren't missing anything that would be great! Thanks guys, you are all a wonderful wealth of knowledge and it is greatly appreciated!

You can see all the work that was done by Brad before we got our hands on this beauty!

57Vintage 08-17-2017 09:11 AM

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For solar I would browse through the tutorials and kits at AM Solar To decide on 12 volt DC and 110 volt AC what I did was to determine what I want to do, stay in places with electric and water or boondock. If you decide to boondock then I would suggest looking at doing the majority of your mechanicals with 12 volt. I've attached a list I made just to have a base to start from. It's a balancing process, of matching mechanical systems to the your electrical 'standards' and your budget.

Even if you end up throwing out your first version, at least it gives you a place to start.

Karbi1982 08-18-2017 06:12 AM

Wow! This is great! Thank you. My boyfriend is going to be elated when he sees this. Luckily, he has more knowledge than I do about all of this but we are still overwhelmed. I really cant thank you enough for this, it is a great help!!!

BradS 08-18-2017 12:01 PM

Hi Carrie. I have no input to offer other than you are doing the right thing. Lots of great people and information here. See you soon

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