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thiel 07-22-2017 12:27 PM

Bins that fit Overhead Lockers Perfectly (in Internationals)
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Found these at Walmart and at Amazon and at Target... and they fit the overhead lockers in late model Internationals perfectly:

(Yes, I'm a bit obsessed with finding containers that fit spaces in the trailer perfectly...)

pmclemore 07-22-2017 12:51 PM

Thanks, Thiel - that is a very awkward space and these will help.


Fredjacob 09-07-2017 06:03 PM

Made in USA too! What a great pairing with your Airstream.

Philly Dave 09-07-2017 06:14 PM


gpershall 09-07-2017 07:58 PM

just ordered.. thanks for the info.

runswithdogs 09-07-2017 08:08 PM

Thanks Thiel!

Added these to my wishlist since we're still 3-4 months away from our just-ordered Serenity 25RB.

Hans627 09-07-2017 09:25 PM

Very nice. I just put them on my want list.


Mjacks 09-16-2017 02:03 PM

I rolled the dice to see if they were a fit for Flying Cloud cabinets and found out that they will not fit like that. They will fit going the other direction and it is an improvement over what we have but I wish I could fit 2 bins in one cabinet.

OTRA15 09-16-2017 05:46 PM

Sterilite has lots of containers in all shapes and sizes, with and without attached hinges:

Your can research styles and sizes here, and shop at Amazon and other sites more easily using the Sterilite model numbers.

For instance, we have a bunch of these 1805 Flip Top hinged smaller clear boxes, and multiples of these stacked up fit in lots of places in our FC20:

Specifications tab shows dimensions etc.. Amazon had these on sale last year with 6 to a box for $19 as I recall. [now $22.23 for 6!]

Sometimes a larger bin will fit in the bottom of a storage area, and a smaller bin will stack on top, because of the AS's curved shape at eye-level for upper cabinets (of which our FC20 has tons).

Good luck!


PS -- If you search for "Sterilite" in the Google-powered search box above with the blue border, many other threads/posts will give you some other ideas for different mfg. and so forth.

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