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KelloggKid 04-26-2017 06:01 PM

FC 19 Suggestions
My wife and I have a FC 19 on order and anxiously awaiting the day we can make it our own. We would appreciate any suggestions, specific to the FC 19, for storage solutions, what to put where, ways to personalize the unit, tips/tricks, etc.

Also, I have two questions:

1) If one uses Command hooks on the interior aluminum can they subsequently be removed without damaging the clear coat?
2) We probably won't be replacing the stock battery controller for awhile. What precautions/procedures do I need to follow to keep it from toasting my batteries?

ATownTX 04-26-2017 06:43 PM

Not sure about the hooks. But for the batteries with the oem charger you should do the following:

1. Make sure the dealer tests the batteries - Specific Gravity, Correct Voltage, etc. Your trailer is on order and will be delivered new, which means the batteries should be new. But have the dealer test them all the same.
2. ALWAYS top off you batteries before putting in storage. Discharged batteries will sulfate.
3. Don't leave them on shore power while in storage unless you get a 4 stage converter/charger
4. Disconnect the (-) negative terminal if putting in storage for any length of time... say, more than two weeks.
4.5 - top off your batteries every few weeks while in storage, especially in summer.
5. set the battery disconnect to "store" when trailer is not in use, unless you are charging the batteries via shore power. Also, see item 4 above
6. Try not to discharge the Interstate Batteries below 50% - Approx. 12.1 V
7. If boondocking, charge you batteries to full every couple of days. Again, you don't want them to sit around even at 50% for too long or they will sulfate.
8. to check the state of charge, set the battery disconnect switch to store and then wait at least 4 hours to check the battery voltage with a voltmeter. You should read 12.6 to 12.7 volts. FYI, you can stay plugged in to shore power and your 12v systems will still work via the shore power while you are waiting to test.
9. It's ok to leave your batteries on the charger if you are camping on shore power. You are using your 12v system so you shouldn't have an issue with overcharging your battery.
10. learn how to disconnect and remove your batteries to service them at home/garage. It's not hard it just seems so at first. This will make it easier to check electrolytes. And you can get an inexpensive 4 stage bench charger to charge them in the garage - one at a time or in parallel. Also, take a photo of your batteries in the battery box so that you can remember how to put them back and connect them.
11. youtube is your friend.

I have an FC 19' tooaAnd I've only been at this a year, so I'm hoping more experienced folks will chime in and correct any bad advice I've given you.

Welcome to the club!

Johnco 04-27-2017 09:20 AM

I've used Command Strips in our 06 since she was new without damage to the clear coat. As far as the charger is concerned I'd reconsider changing out to a four stage. It's a relatively inexpensive upgrade, there are direct replacements for your existing unit and you can install it in less than an hour yourself. Once installed you never have to worry about cooking your batteries again. I wish I would have changed mine out sooner.

KelloggKid 04-27-2017 12:14 PM

ATownTX - thank you for your response. If we elect to keep the old controller for awhile I'll follow your advice.

Johnco - thanks for your response as well. Glad to hear that the double back tape on the Command hooks can be removed without damaging the clear coat finish on the interior shell. I've used the Command stuff in houses with good luck so will probably utilize a few in the AS as well.

I'd love to change out the controller. Unfortunately I once bought a large boat and then promptly set about buying every known gadget there was. My wife is now understandably gun shy. She asked me for a list of everything I wanted for the AS with prices. I kept it fairly short with the only big ticket items being a new controller, a portable solar panel and a little Honda generator. She immediately pared the list down to a water hose and an Anderson leveler and a hint that if I'm really nice she might consider a solar panel for my birthday.

I suspect once we get out and start camping in the FC she will lighten up a little. In the meantime, anytime I'm on shore power I'll keep it in Store mode and use my expensive shop charger for keeping the batteries charged as necessary. Hopefully it won't be long and I can sneak a PD4655 into the unit.

I'd still love to see some suggestions and/or pictures of ideas for personalizing a FC19.

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