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livexl 05-14-2005 09:05 PM

No power at refrigerator and two sockets
When on shore power the frig won't run on AC and the outlet next it and the one on the wall between the door and the pass. seat doesn't have power. When I turn on the genset everything works fine. I need help please ... Thanks, Dan

thenewkid64 05-14-2005 09:09 PM


In your motorhome there is a transfer switch that connects the 2 circuits together when the genset runs. Do you have power at all of the other outlets on shore power?

Also are you sure the selector switch in the overhead is not on something other than refer?

livexl 05-15-2005 12:15 AM

Thanks for your reply Brett, Yes I do have power at all the other outlets with shore power. I don't know about a "Selector switch" what overhead would it be in and would that cause the 2 outlets to be dead on shore power? Thanks, Dan

thenewkid64 05-15-2005 08:40 AM

On most of the classics over 30 feet there is a power selector switch that allows you to choose to run the microwave, insty hot, nutone, AC, or refer. The choices changed from year to year. It was a compromise to allow for more than 30 amps worth of stuff to be run off a 30 amp power feed.

When the genset is running it powers everything. Both roof airs, as well. The selector switch does not come into play. This switch is normally in the overhead above the sink.

Another thing to check is to see if you have power to the outside outlets when on shore power and generator. The outside outlets are usually wired in series with the refer one.

livexl 05-15-2005 09:31 AM

I have a 1992, 350LE, it doesn't have a "selector switch" that I have ever come across. I have lost power only to the two outlets and the refer when running on AC with shore power. When I turn on the Genset everything works.

livexl 05-15-2005 02:15 PM

As much as I hate to say this my problem was, there wasn't any power at the shore connection ... Dummy Dan

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