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Wesair 04-03-2017 09:35 AM

Will group 27 battery fit?
I have a 2015 Flying Cloud 25FB and currently have group 24 flooded batteries. Has anyone found a good AGM group 27 battery that will fit in the battery box?

CDONA 04-03-2017 10:38 AM

Word is that 27's fit if you rotate placement, from inline to crossways. May be specific as to which spot fills first and the center rod may need to be removed and reinstalled in the process.

I haven't replaced my batteries yet, so I don't know for sure, but the word is, , ,

MattB 04-08-2017 08:44 PM

I tried today and came up about 3/8" too short after taking off the lid completely. If you could trim the lip on the front of the steel box that that lid is riveted on to, it would make it.

Hope this helps. I didn't try it sideways, but that seems unlikely.



Dan and Liz 04-08-2017 08:59 PM

Look at dimensions of Trojan 27AGM. Fits our battery boxes with room to spare compared to previous flooded Group 24s.

AirstreamCSH 04-08-2017 09:47 PM

I went the route of two Lifeline 6V AGM's and they fit my 2016 25FB battery box perfectly.

wulfraat 04-08-2017 09:50 PM

Will group 27 battery fit?
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I have 2 group 27 lifelines in my battery box....

It's a 2008 25'....

dkottum 04-08-2017 11:02 PM

You can go even larger. I put two 12 volt Lifeline AGM GPL 31XT batteries in our FC 25. I removed the lid, trimmed away the forward lip with a sawsall, dropped the batteries in, and riveted the lid back on at the sides. You will need much larger cables for the parallel connection between the two batteries than the stock cables, to ensure there is absolutely no resistance between the batteries. The center battery hold down rod will be tight between them.

AirstreamCSH 04-09-2017 06:36 AM

@Wulfraat - Nice install. did you torque the bolts or hand tighten?

AirstreamCSH 04-09-2017 07:58 AM

Did some homework on these group 27's and added them to my spreadsheet. Wish I had thought of this a week ago as these seem to have an extra hour of runtime over the 6V.

dkottum 04-09-2017 09:18 AM

wulfraat, would it be better to have the two parallel leads of the same size (large), and short as possible? I believe the idea is to parallel the batteries so they act as one large battery, with as little electrical resistance between them as possible.

It looks like you have the same space issue we have with our two Group 31XT, the batteries fit too close together for the hold-down rod to fit easily.

wulfraat 04-09-2017 10:53 AM

Will group 27 battery fit?
My batteries are connected in parallel with 2 leads of the same size (2ga I believe).

I agree that cables in theory should be as large and as short as possible.

I may try and put some larger / shorter parallel cables in there this year (maybe 0/1 or 0/2) but I don't draw heavy amps from those batteries even with my inverter (I don't run the microwave for instance, just the TV, phone chargers, laptop,etc).

For light loads I don't think it matters much.

Bolts are tightened down good using a wrench (not hand tightened)

I removed the tie-down rod as there wasn't room for it.

Once these puppies are done I am going to make the move to lithium, 300-400 amp hours, and move my battery bank indoors. I boondock a lot and get tired of constantly monitoring and worrying if I am drawing down towards the 50% mark of my AGM bank.... (I have a victron 702 monitor in my system)

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