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roadkill367 01-01-2018 04:58 PM

Curved rail section

Originally Posted by SilverLife (Post 1946153)
Added walnut rails to the narrow bench backs continuing down to the bench bases, to make them look a little nicer and more functional. On the door side it acts as a handrail of sorts and a place to set keys etc. On the bed side it replaces the white laminate shelf and moves storage for phone, alarm clock up away from head height while laying on the bed. I added a 1'4" x 1/4" rail in curly maple to keep things from sliding off. I'll fill the countersunk screw holes with aluminum plugs when they arrive with a hardware order.

Hello, Silverlife

I'm interested in how you made the curved section of the handrail. Any tips would be really appreciated.

Munimula2017 03-01-2018 11:57 AM

Hey SilverLIfe:

couple of questions about your dinette project:

for the ledger on the exterior wall, did you screw into the aluminum or rivet it?

did you need to add bracing to the interior of the dinette storage area to support your square aluminum support struts?

did you cut the vertical piece that covered the old receptacle hole from the discarded center support?

did you have any issues with the offset of the laguna mount and the cushions?


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