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Mergatroyd 04-07-2017 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by FCStreamer (Post 1933066)
I disagree. You need the 3/4 ton if you can't manage to stay within the payload limits of the SUV, yes. For most couples this is imminently doable. I even have have a EU2000 generator on the tongue of my 30' AS and I am under a couple hundred pounds of my rear axel rating.

I also want to bring my golf cart around. For THAT I will need a 250/350. But short of that a 1/2 ton and many SUVs are perfectly SAFE and fine, even up the Ike Gauntlet.

I know a lot of people drive big trucks daily. Good for them. I can't. My condo won't allow it. So I pull with a SUV and like happily in my condo. Best of both worlds.

What does your door label indicate for max payload for the Escalade?

If I go by axle ratings I should be able to load 1796 lbs. If I go by the gross vehicle weight rating I should be able to carry 1466 lbs. But my door label says do not exceed 1014 lbs.

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