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jforb 12-17-2016 12:53 PM

Making new window latch shafts 1970s
My 1972 Safari needed a few new window latch shafts. I made them, it was relatively easy, but I do have some machinery that helps for this type of stuff-- an old lathe, and an old mill.

I used some long 5/16" bolts, first jammed an old nut on the end of the threads. Then cut off the head so it's the correct length. Turn the cut end to give it a chamfer, and turn the hex off the nut, and thin the nut a bit, so it fits into the latch housing. Then put it in the mill and cut flats on the threads, it needs to be cut 0.025" on each side (we made a jig for this, just a flat piece of steel in the vise to support the bolt while milling). Then drill the hole for the handle pivot pin, and install. Works well. And since they're steel instead of aluminum, they might survive a bit longer than 45 years this time.

sgschwend 12-17-2016 04:54 PM

Looks great; a shop is like a pick-up truck - can't live without them.

Dingo Girl 12-17-2016 05:20 PM

Nice work!

Toolmanbt 04-18-2017 09:42 PM

i like this

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