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Connie M 10-20-2016 07:26 PM

New Owner Questions about door and skylights
We have noted two problems in our 2017 27'FB during our two short camping trips.

1. The door is not square with the opening, being very tight ( <.005") on the bottom hinge side of the door. We don't use the stabilizers to level, putting less than 10 ft-lb of torque to the wrench provided. We've watched the Airstream video on correcting the alignment, but their corrections only work if you want to drive the door towards the hinge, not away. The door still closes,but you have to push pretty hard to get it to latch. The door is not loose at its hinge, lifting the door does not change the alignment

2. One of the 2 skylights got very frosted up between the plastic layers, and only cleared up when we got back to really warm sunny weather.

Our questions:
Are most dealers capable of fixing the door alignment problems? This door needs to be moved more than 1/4" to be square. Or does this need to go back to Ohio?
Are both layers of the skylight supposed to be sealed together? Is this a leak or is it normal?

DeltaRon 10-20-2016 07:49 PM

It took me two trips to JC to get our door adjusted.

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