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Anders79 10-11-2016 03:26 PM

window leak - any ideas of source????
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my two small windows above the larger windows in my 2010 25FB Flying cloud leak. They leak on both the right and left bottom corners. Picture I have uploaded shows location of one of the leaks. I have used Capt Tolley's creeping crack cure around the outside of the window's (where glass meets window frame. I thought it had helped, but I have noticed in a recent hard rain - I still have the leaks (although maybe not as bad). Any ideas on where these leaks may be coming from.

sheriff1 10-11-2016 04:00 PM

On the roof you will probably find an aluminum divider between the refer vent and the AC. Found ours loose needing re-riveting and calking all the way around. Looked over it several times before I found it. Hope yours is the same.

2015 F350 CC 4X4 6.7 Diesel
2010 27FB Silver Cloud "The Silver Spoon"

dkottum 10-11-2016 04:39 PM

Is this while you are using it? We have seen a lot of condensation on these windows in cool damp weather, it will settle at the bottom. Could it be?

malinois38 10-11-2016 05:56 PM

Had the same issue with my 2008 International window. Pull the screws from the inside and look carefully around the seal where the water is entering(Hint, follow the rusty screws!). Also, look for wet insulation to assist you. I ended up sealing inside and outside of the window. Inspect the outside seal very close and look for cracks. Water sits on the top lip and lower lip of window. This is where mine was coming in.
Funny post, because this morning I noticed my other window dripping from the inside...and sure enough a check of the outside seal revealed a gap/crack in the caulking. So, lesson learned...when one window is in need of new sealant, keep on going and do them all.
Condensation is common in these windows, but I have found that if it is dripping down the wall, that means you have a leak.
If you need anymore information, shoot me a PM.

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