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Ofdtruckie 10-08-2016 04:15 PM

AC question
I have tw0 thermostats in my 31' sovereign AS. one is in bedroom and one is on wall by fridge in living room. Can someone explain workings of both . Thermostat in front room seems to be in bad shape and I believe only controls temp and not very good at all. Also when I initially turn on fan switch on overhead AC ,compressor kicks on and then off and back on do you think capacitors getting runs good after that just thermostatic controls are dicey so it gets like 20 degrees at night might as well be inside a fridge. AS is parked in one place as second home for last 4 years with roof over it use on vacations. The thermostat in bedroom is called Suburban never used it and it has controls the other only has lower slide lever and 2 wires connected to it. Everything is original. Thanks for any help I appreciate it.

Kemblkr 10-08-2016 04:43 PM

I have two in my 2003 International. One is for the furnace and the other is for the Fantastic Vent Fan

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Ofdtruckie 10-09-2016 07:14 AM

To my knowledge I have no fantastic fans. I think front is just ac thermostat slide no controls just not sure if back one is all furnace or both . It's original and I can't find in manual.

Greg1410 10-13-2016 10:00 PM

One is for your furnace and one is for your AC.

Ofdtruckie 10-16-2016 08:48 PM

Thanks for the replies

Eddie J 12-30-2016 07:41 AM

Rear bedroom thermostat controls the propane furnace. On off switch is underneath, and slide temperature control is on top. Check your manual and information on the furnace cover, procedure to use furnace is 1. Have 12v power available, 2. Have propane hooked up, 3. Purge propane lines by lighting a burner on the stove, 4. Move switch on the bottom of the thermostat to on, 5. Move slide control on top to a position warmer than the current interior temperature of the AS. Within about a minute your furnace should kick on.

A W Warn 12-30-2016 09:29 AM

If you get the furnace operational, get a carbon monoxide alarm!
A 40+ year old furnace could be leaking exhaust gasses into the trailer.

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