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truxpin 09-17-2016 09:26 AM

We had luck using Craigslist while living outside the Wichita, KS. area, found a 7 acre lot that previously had an old single wide trailer on it. (Water, electric & lagoon existing) With a little work we turned it into a perfect RV hideaway. Spots like this are rare because of city & county ordinances. We were lucky in that the land owner was very well "connected" AND the location was very private, despite being only miles from the city.
All major cities & counties have clear restrictions against a permanent placement of a trailer for living quarters. ( Short of being in an actual RV Park) Even some "rural" counties have these restrictions..... We are looking into some land in Northern Arizona ( Navajo Country) to use as a getaway for our Airstream vacations, and we're surprised to see limits on how long an RV could "legally" be placed on the property.
If your intention is to be anywhere within an hour of any major city, I think you have to be willing to tell a few white lies and look the other way when it comes to the zoning and city regulations. There really is no way around the rules. We always figured that if the regulators ever showed up and really raised enough stink, we could always just "hook-up" and drive off... 😀

tevake 09-17-2016 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by AWCHIEF (Post 1851580)
Adventure Advisor = salesman. LMAO, only in kalifornia.

Not just in Cali, AWCHIEF.
I met a guy in a park Rangers uniform here in Prescott Az, Said he was a camp ranger.
In asking for details, it turns out that's what they call sales folk at a nearby dealership ��

Cheers Richard

Rocinante 09-17-2016 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by tevake (Post 1852197) turns out that's what they call sales folk at a nearby dealership

Yup, the official title for salespeople at Airstream Adventures Northwest dealerships is "Adventure Advisor." They actually did provide useful advice during the purchase process, so we were fine with it. :)

lovetokite 09-18-2016 01:56 AM


Originally Posted by InterBlog (Post 1852139)
You are more correct than you might realize. I used to be an HGTV junkie but the tiny house propaganda has really turned me off. In my opinion, it has become an endless stream of happily-ever-after presentations that have questionable basis in reality. Most HGTV money shots (aka "reveals") do not show tiny houses with any obvious hook-ups to water, sewer, or electric, or even lawfully parked (I suspect, at least not beyond the filming permit). They build these custom units and find the prettiest natural staging area possible and they just set the unit out there for the 3 hours it takes them to do the shoot, implying that it's the destination in many cases. The whole basis of the show is supposedly sustainability via smaller living, but they don't bother to mention that their presentation itself is inherently unsustainable. That kind of practice results in the public developing unrealistic expectations.

Here's a screengrab from tinyhousegiantjourney, who got busted for violating code. This kind of outcome will only increase, and it irritates me because it casts a potentially bad light on those of us who are interested in the lowest-profile stealth camping in a vehicle rather than showboating a politically-correct lifestyle.

Absolutely correct!!!

tvketchum 09-18-2016 06:11 AM

To buy an Airstream just to park in one spot is just not what they were intended for. If one has to be close to an area because of jobs, a better alternative is housing which was intended to be permanent housing. Otherwise, you will by paying for RV sites in parks, campgrounds, mobile home parks.

So you have a customer whose parking spot fell through. Helping to find an alternate is admirable. Most salesmen would simply take the unit as a trade or a bought used unit at a fraction of a new unit cost, then sell it again to a different customer at a less than new price for a used but hardly used unit, and make another commission.

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OTRA15 10-01-2016 03:20 AM

Curious for your thoughts, David, on the low-hanging sewer dump and two rear-corner downward projections, in terms of ground clearance and possible rock-strikes when parking at a campsite, or taking tight turns.

If you feel like also posting on one of the two Basecamp threads, that would be appreciated:

Original thread:
Fans thread:




Originally Posted by (Post 1851410)
Peter, we don't have the Basecamp yet, should be any day now. I'll hold off on talking about any "issues" until I can see it myself. I can tell you we have had a HUGE amount of interest and taken quite a few deposits on pre-orders already. I'll chime in once we have one to show.

Thanks for the welcome!

- David

Starstream 10-01-2016 09:26 AM

When it comes to RV parking, you can play by the rules and still have issues with the neighbors. We live in a deed restricted neighborhood and keep our trailer in storage. Had it hitched to the tow vehicle and parked in front of our house for one day while we loaded up for a five week trip. Couldn't have been more obvious we were going somewhere. Got back and found a nasty letter from the HOA gestapo reminding us our RV couldn't be parked in our subdivision. We know which b'witchy neighbor complained. She keeps using the excuse that they're putting their house up for sale whenever she want to snoop. For our own part, we're tired of big city living and like being nomads. We're far more likely to leave before she does.

So wishing your clients the best of luck, AirDave.

Rocinante 10-01-2016 11:30 AM

Yeah, our neighbor just put their house up for sale, so I'm sure we'll get an HOA request soon to move Rocinante out of our driveway. Almost done with our connectivity project, so am planning to move it to storage pretty soon anyway.

Starstream 10-01-2016 01:30 PM

Our neighbor used that excuse more than a year ago to find out how long our trailer would be at our house. They haven't put their house on the market yet.

We had ATT here yesterday to switch our internet back to their service. She was checking her rear view mirrors as she left to see who was at our house. Our original service was disconnected by someone, and a crew has to come next week to bury the new cable. Nothing she can do about that, but wouldn't put it past her to ask why they were here.

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