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Hit'nMiss 02-16-2005 02:24 PM

Need Special favor from admins.
I need the help of an admin if this is even possible without completely screwing up the software please.

Is there anyway to extend the maximum "New Posts" (posts since last visit) from current 500 to say 1000?
If so is there anyway to overide the fact that I am now "visiting" and arrange for me to display the last 1000? (Otherwise it would only help those that have not signed in for the last couple of months).

Actually what would be the harm or hastle of chnging the "New Posts" to the "Last 1000" ? or at least the "Last 500" or "Last 750" or "Last Two-Months" etc.
That way they would be available for more than the "one time" most recent visit. One could then take all the time they needed to go back and see what they might have missed.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish with the need to go back;
I have begun an index of Forum topics and inadvertanly lost those from January 4 thru Jan 18. My method was to stay logged off except occasionally and then try to log on at a slow period of the day and each time I would copy & paste the list of the "New Posts". I would paste these onto a notebook page and in so doing would have a list (with occasional repeats) of all the topics.

It is a valuable tool and if I can figure out how to alphabetize and catalog it I will have an even better tool. It appears that there are about 500 new and/or refreshed topics per month. Unfortunately my lists only go back til last fall.

Is there an absolute limit on the amount of "new posts or past posts" that the software is capable of presenting? Might take me a lifetime to sort them all:)
Seems there have been around 15000 if I remember a factoid I read a while ago.

Your Friend,

InsideOut 02-16-2005 03:00 PM

You can use the link below to get 'the last 10 days' and/or copy the link, paste it into your browser and modify the number of days to get more...change '10' to '30' or whatever.

I have to wonder why you are going to all the effort of a notebook though, are you aware of the search features built-in to the software? You can search any topic based on a few keywords...posts are not generally removed, so the information bank will continue to grow. Seems like the maintenance of a notebook could be very time consuming when the info is as close as your computer!

Shari :)

Hit'nMiss 02-16-2005 03:14 PM

Shari thanks for speedy reply.

If I can make your tip work it will be a blessing (to me anyway).

But so far I only get an error 404 (I think) msg. Could you perhaps type out the whole URL and break it somewhere so it won't hyper link?
If I click on your hypered URL I get the 10 day "new posts" but I can't seem to make it work when I cut & paste it and change to say 60 days etc.
Thanks for your time.


Oh I'll get back with my reason for the index.

Hit'nMiss 02-16-2005 03:39 PM

OK I got it to work, sort of.

It still will not go back more than 500 entries, which was alot short of the 60 days I entered. Boy that would have been such an awesome trick if it would go back to any number of threads. But it does solve the problem with the last 500 "new posts" going away if you log out. That's a keeper of a tip too.

Here is the whole URL without hyper (I hope).

http ://

Still would like Andy or Pahaska or you Shari to see if the limits can be increased.

Thanks again.

InsideOut 02-16-2005 08:04 PM

Andy is the only one that can change that...if it's even possible.

Shari :)

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