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mazoolah 08-11-2016 10:27 AM

Drilling the shank
Sofigured out my old equilizer hitch shank was to high .new one is on order. Wondering if i can choke it up by drilling a new hole like can am does on thier setups . Mostly wondering how far in i can push it with out lossing turning clearance .have a 2012 jeep grand cherokee and a 20 ft flying cloud .

markdoane 08-11-2016 11:24 AM

I think you can do it with a compass and a piece of graph paper, unless you have Autocad or some other drafting program.

Or make mockups with cardboard, tracing your rear bumper and the front of the Flying Cloud.

I choked mine up a close as possible, but I have a Tahoe and a Tradewind. I was able to gain about 3 inches.

Be careful drilling the new hole. I wouldn't try it freehand. A large sturdy drill press and careful setup will insure perfect results.

mazoolah 08-11-2016 12:13 PM

How could you compare the results ,do you think it helped ? No worries on actually making the hole im a aerospace machinist/toolmaker . Can do it at work on coffee break

Wingeezer 08-11-2016 12:15 PM

Unless you have a substantial drill press, for what it would cost - shouldn't be much - I'd be inclined to take it to a local machine shop to drill.

I have a floor mounted drill press, but even so, if I were doing it I would be inclined to go to a machine shop for a job that size.


A W Warn 08-11-2016 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by markdoane (Post 1833867)
... snip... I choked mine up a close as possible .... snip... I was able to gain about 3 inches ...snip...

Did it help with weight transfer?
Did it change the way the trailer feels as you tow?

I'm thinking of doing the same thing.

markdoane 08-11-2016 01:07 PM


Originally Posted by A W Warn (Post 1833922)
Did it help with weight transfer?
Did it change the way the trailer feels as you tow?

I'm thinking of doing the same thing.

Hard to say how big a difference it made as I didn't make any long trips before I did the drilling. I recall it was a little squirrely before and less afterwards, but I was making other changes in the setup at the same time.

I would do it again.

Regarding taking to a machine shop - I have a large floor drill press and I have as much confidence in my skill as I do the local machine shop.

mazoolah 08-16-2016 08:23 AM

Picked up the new shank last night ,and sized it up . With the shank all the way into to the receiver ,bottomed out against the back ,ill pickup about 2 -3 inches. The gusset almost touches the receiver. It looks right ,but to be safe will test hookup the trailer to be sure I'm not losing clearance anywhere . My gut feeling is with the shank bottomed out ,it will add rigidity .

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