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Claudiaj 07-31-2016 01:50 PM

Window screen seals
All of the window screen material are separating from the rubber seals? Is this normal for a 2016 FC 27FB. How does one repair? It's hot and the mosquitos are having a field day!
There is not enough screen material to tuck back under the seal. It looks like it would be a major production to remove the screen for repair. Any suggestions would be most welcome!
So far I have replaced the converter/ charger with a three stage, replaced the batteries which were fried due to the horrible converter/charger, replaced washers to the water pump that were installed incorrectly so as to flood the closet, same for the water purifier under the sink, repositioned the inverter so one could get at the reset button, and fight with the propane heater which mysteriously quits until I take the exterior cover off and bang it and the put it back on. I digress. The screens are much more than I really want to tackle.

909kenu 07-31-2016 05:41 PM

I just re-screened all mine on a 78 Argosy. Purchased everything at Home Depot. An inexpensive tool for screens to push the spline (rubber material)back in, utility knife, clamps and screen material.

If you have a friend you will not need clamps. I do not have friends, LOL, so I purchased clamps that look like giant clothespins. They help to keep the screen taut while rolling in the spline.

After removing the old spline and screen, oversize the new screen a couple inches around the frame, place on top of the frame, use tool to push screen into the slot, start installing the spline and use other side of the tool to roll it in to the slot, have friend help to keep taut. Continue to roll the spline in until finished. Trim spine and screen material.

1. You can probably reuse your existing splines as your trailer is newer.
2. Your tool may have the spline roller (pizza wheel with the groove) that has one side slightly larger than the other. Keep the long side to the trim side. Ask me how I know, If you use it in reverse, there is a greater chance of cutting the screen as you roll the spline in.
3. It is very easy, take your time rolling. As the spline is getting recessed it pulls the screen taut.

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