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Eugene 07-27-2016 02:34 PM

Window Screen Rebuild
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Hi Folks,

I am looking for someone to rebuild my bend window screen frames on my 1968 Airstream Caravel.

They are for the front and rear windows.
Would prefer someone with Airstream skills/understanding.

Here are few pictures and a video. Hopefully they are visible/viewable.

I am not looking to do the repair myself.
If it is preferred by the moderators to pm referrals please do.
If there are existing posts with specific referrals please post the link to the company/individual who does the repairs.

Eugene 07-27-2016 06:53 PM

Are referrals permitted on this website?

Lily&Me 07-27-2016 06:56 PM

You can certainly refer others to providers that have offered good service.

They cannot solicit here, but in classifieds. :)


Dingo Girl 07-28-2016 04:19 AM

I'm still searching for the screen Spline that holds it in the frame.
If you run on to this I'd love to know what's you found it.
The diameter is far smaller than what is available at the big box stores.
I will do my own if I can find the Spline.

Farmer Dan 07-28-2016 05:25 AM

Dingo Girl, I just finished replacing all the fiberglass screens in my '89 Excella last week. I used charcoal aluminum screen because we have grasshoppers that eat fiberglass screen material. I had trouble, especially on the radiused corners when replacing the spline. I kept tearing the screen when running the spline in. My very unorthodox solution was to use the new 1/8" spline on the straight areas and then use .090" spline for the corners. But, I did have trouble finding the small spline. I finally found it on the CR Laurence site. You have to buy it though from DK Hardware. The lady at CRL told me it would be faster to call DK than to buy online. I called on Friday midday and my 100' roll was in my mailbox midday Monday!!! I don't have the number but it's on the DK website. If you can wait a couple hours I can have the info for you'


dennis3751 07-28-2016 05:41 AM

Look for a hardware store that repairs window screens. In our area both True Value and Ace stores have great selections of spline material. Bring a sample and they can match it. I think I used 3/32" on our 1976 Windows. The correct sized spline really makes the job easy.

Eugene 08-01-2016 03:14 PM

Thanks for the replies.

I will continue to search for someone to build new screens.

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