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Streamalong 07-22-2016 03:59 PM

General Help Questions from Manufacturing Defects
Mods: Please move this to the appropriate section. I wasn't sure where to post.

This is regarding my 2014 International Onyx (27') that I bought new from Bay Area Airstream in November of 2014.

It has been back at Bay Area Airstream since May for repairs stemming from some faulty manufacturing and valve leaks that rotted a substantial (40%-60%) of wood sub floor. I noticed the damage because the moisture was wicking up from the floor and had stared to delaminate and rot the furniture in the unit, especially the furniture right near the leaks in the bath, shower, galley and by the door.

Jackson Center approved warranty work to replace the sub floor and vinyl but made no mention of the furniture that was ruined. Airstream no longer manufactures this furniture.

I was told just yesterday that only parts of the sub floor were removed and replaced. This is not what was promised nor is it acceptable to me.

Also of concern to me is the water damage of the insulation under the skins. This all has to be replaced as it was exposed to the water damage and rot.

Has anyone experienced a situation like this? I just loved my Airstream and was a happy camper until things started falling apart. I just want it back with the problems fixed but it seems like the whole thing needs to be taken apart. It is under warranty and I also bought an extended warranty.

I initially called Jackson Center and told them I was willing to tow it from California to them myself to get it fixed, but they wanted me to start at the dealer. That was in April.

SteveSueMac 07-22-2016 04:46 PM

Sorry for your troubles. Why did they want you to start at the dealer? Convenience for you instead of towing half way across the country? If you are willing to go to JC, talk with service, set up the warranty appointment and go there. You'll leave with the equivalent of a brand new trailer.

If you can't get anywhere with Chris Burch at service, call Bob Wheeler directly and talk trough it with him.

Good luck!

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