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stephseattle 06-29-2016 08:18 AM

replacing 2 roof vents
I have 2 goals for my 1978 31' Sovereign
1. replace 2 roof vents
2. ensure good lighting (existing roof fans have a light)

I will also be adding solar soon.

I am looking at Fantasic Fans Versus MaxxAir

- which one looks better on the interior?
- which one has a light?

- does the "smoke" fan vent cover allow natural light to come through
- any troubles with the rain sensor?

- is this going to limit my ability to add solar panels?
- is there a vent cover to allow natural light in?

I would love to see pictures of what y'all have done.

Phoenix 06-29-2016 11:35 AM

See answers to some of your questions below (in BLUE TEXT):
  • Which one looks better on the interior? -- This is personal choice. Most likely, whichever fan one owns is the one that looks better to them. However, I doubt if this is a deciding factor in selection. Probably, fan noise and amount of air moved is more important.

  • Which one has a light? -- Not sure about MaxxAir, but FantasticFans do NOT have a light (unless this was recently added).

  • Does the "smoke" fan vent cover allow natural light to come through -- The FantasticFan smoke vent cover does allow light to pass. The difference between white and smoke is probably similar to the difference between regular eye glasses and light-tint sunglasses.

  • Any troubles with the rain sensor? -- On our FantasticFan, we had the annoyance of the vent cover closing due to rain. Then, while it was still raining, the rain sensor dried out (after 10-15 minutes); and the cover opened, only to immediately close again. After repeating this cycle several times, we turned the fan OFF. Since then, we have installed the FantasticVent UltraBreeze hood, which allows the vent cover to remain open all the time.

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