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themilsons 04-14-2016 11:07 AM

Newbies looking for advice/inspection help
Hello - We are looking to purchase our first AS, a 1974 25' Land Yacht Tradewinds. I've downloaded the inspection checklist, but wanted to check if there is anyone in the Phoenix area that would be willing to assist with the inspection. Thanks!

starstruck08 05-22-2016 07:34 AM

I hope you find someone to help you! First inspection is very exciting! My first was for a trailer that was in very good shape, but it was out of my price range for what I had saved at the time. Which was probably good for me. The next few I saw were going to take too long to refurbish. I'm glad I waited almost two years, because I found the perfect trailer for me really nearby.

What you're looking for in the inspection depends on your priorities. For me, the frame came first since I couldn't afford a frame off restoration. Appliances next because they can be pricey to replace. Broken windows and water damage are also a big thing to look for, since leakage is hard to find the source of and tedious to fix! Good luck!

AnnArborBob 05-22-2016 07:44 AM

Go to the "Portal" page on this website (accessed via one of the tabs near the top under the "Air Forums" logo. Navigate to the Portal Page and then you will see a set of drop down menus on the right side about halfway down the page that let's you enter some selection criteria to help you identify a potential inspector in the area you are seeking. Best of luck. :)

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