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GuitarmanFL 03-19-2016 08:49 AM

It's a question of degrees: New Rolling Chassis - 73 27' Overlander
Hey All:

Need some help here.

I have a 73 27' Overlander and am having a new rolling chassis manufactured.

I opted for Torsion axles, so they are using Dexters. The weight rating of the new axels will be 3500 each, which is about 1,000 pounds more than my original ones. They suggested using zero degree axles.

What are your thoughts?



wjcwill 03-22-2016 04:53 PM

A lot of axle threads on the forum check them out . I went with 22.5 down angle .

GuitarmanFL 03-25-2016 10:37 AM

Hey WJCwill:

Yep. Thanks. I called A/S and they were great. Not only did they confirm 22.5 degree down angle, but felt the upgrade to 3500 pound axles would be fine. I also called Dexter and they confirmed they can make the 22.5 degree axles AND that I should also request they add the "shock kit", which they still offer. "It'll make a huge difference to your A/S". I talked to a guy in the Warranty and Service dept, FWIW.

All in all, I now feel really good about the new rolling chassis. The manufacture was going to build it with a zero degree torsion set up and no shocks.

Didn't cost me much more, and now it should, as long as all goes as planned, it should tow like a dream!


wjcwill 03-25-2016 08:20 PM

I also went with 3500 # axles on 29' excella there are other options Inland rv suggests 33 degree down angle and their axles come with 12 in. brakes I believe. My Dexter 3500# axles came with 10in. brakes i'm happy with mine


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