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pinkflamingoes 11-18-2004 07:10 PM

Progress on our '67 Tradewind
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I'm going to try to post progress on the trailer here on this thread. I painted the rusty hitch today! I was kind of nervous about jumping in with the POR 15, but it was easy. I stirred the stuff forever. I still have to put on a coat of Stirling Silver on top, but the POR 15 step is done, I walked through the fire and came out intact on the other side!

Here are pictures:

Stefrobrts 11-18-2004 07:13 PM

That looks super! That POR-15 is great stuff, I used it on my Rustang. You probably won't have to worry about the tounge again for a long time.

Tinsel Loaf 11-18-2004 07:44 PM

Looks good, great start, only 21 more feet to go.

eljay 11-18-2004 09:16 PM

Great progress! How great that you've got weather that you can work on the exterior. Me, in the rain, can only dream and check for leaks (BUT the inside is dry--no leaks)

pinkflamingoes 11-18-2004 10:53 PM

How's the weather in Missouri? That's actually why I got off my butt and started, so many people were bemoaning that they couldn't get out to work on theirs and we only have a few weeks of rain a year here. Other than that, it's airstream remodel weather.

I'm going to start on the frame next. I need to get down there and pull out gross old insulation pieces and paint what's exposed. Hopefully we'll get a family friend to get down there and chop out the rest of the belly pan, I'll pay him to do it (I wish I had the muscles to remove it myself!

Then it's floor removal time!

eljay 11-19-2004 06:48 AM

It's raining
We have been fortunate to have milder than usual temperatures and quite a bit of rain. We have had enough rain to carry us out of the drought (much to my dismay since I want to be out working on Icky). This may result in a more efficient process, however, as I get to read the forum, looking for answers and previous experiences with repairs that I find need to be done.

My shopping and "to do" lists grow. Contrary to my nature, I am making cautious, thoughtful purchases rather than impulse buying. I will probably do a lot of interior and furnishing work this winter including making drapes, cushions and repairing the oak interior, some of which has been dismantled and moved to our basement.

Dreaming of warmer, drier weather...LJ

pinkflamingoes 11-25-2004 11:11 PM

Adventures with POR-15
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Well I finally did get out and put that last coat of Stirling Silver on the front hitch. Attached to this post should be the completed picture of the hitch.

So, I'm underneath spraying Marine Clean on the rest of the frame, with just eye protection, figuring this stuff is pretty much just an intense version of Simple Green, and I notice...this stuff tastes exceptionally acidic and downright nasty! It had misted into my mouth, and I take another look at the bottle, and I realize it's METAL PREP. I bang my forehead on the frame crawling out from under the frame and race inside to shower, I kept imagining my face melting like that one Peter Gabriel album cover. So I washed up and it seems my face is intact, no visible craters and I can still taste my food, I didn't fry up taste buds. I know the stuff is corrosive and I promise I'll be careful next time, so pleaze spare the lecture. And don't tell my Mom?

Guess what else. POR15 comes off of your skin, but only with a few layers of alive skin with it if you use a pumice stone. Better to not get it on your skin. Tough stuff.

I'm going to paint the frame underside some tomorrow!

Picture with topcoat:

markdoane 11-26-2004 09:20 AM


That looks great! Can you give me a little help with application technique? When I painted the tongue, the sterling silver seems to separate and form light and dark streaks. Did you lay it on thin and not overbrush?

pinkflamingoes 11-26-2004 01:33 PM

Hi there, yes, I did lay it on thin. I think the overbrushing is what made the streaks because I had that problem a bit too. I think you brush on a stroke and if you do it again in that same spot it actually removes it if it's still wet, so the streak shows. You also have to stir it a lot while you're using it so the particles get all mixed into the liquid.

Just let it completely dry (the stirling silver) and touch it up only where you need to. It says something regarding that on the can.

Got any pictures? Keep posted!

Stefrobrts 11-26-2004 01:50 PM

Inhaling/swallowing the Metal Prep sounds like just the sort of stupid thing I would do, so don't feel too bad. Now you've had a good scare, you'll remember to be more careful next time! And the POR-15, it's best to just let it wear off. It does after a few days.

Post pics of the frame if you have a chance. I am getting ready to peek into my own bellypan, and I suspect your 67 should have a setup very similar to my 68.

pinkflamingoes 11-26-2004 04:18 PM

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Hey Markdoane, read the instructions again on clearcoating the POR15. You're supposed to do some little things that can prevent those little problems. I could explain here but if you read up it's easier to get it.

Stefroberts, if anything, my insides are ready for paint job! The taste alone made me be much more careful! Bleaugh pbltbffft ptooey!! And do NOT get it in your hair!! I got a little tiny sripe on my cheek too. I never could paint without getting it all over the place.

When you look at your frame, don't be too dismayed if you see an even coat of rust. That's what I have, pretty much covering the whole thing evenly. These rusty parts can be sprayed with marine clean, wiped off with a damp rag, and painted. You don't have to use Metal Prep unless you have bubbles and pieces chipping off. The little brochure even says that a rusty surface is best to paint onto. I sanded the hitch because it was bubbling and peeling, but the frame under the trailer I just aimed Marine Clean at with one eye open, and squirted it everywhere. Then, like I mentioned, wiped with a damp rag, let dry, and painted.

My husband took the digital camera with him to a job, so I can't send you pictures yet of the paint job I did yet, but I do have some frame pictures to give you an idea of what mine looks like pre-painted. I only painted about 1/5 of the frame, because we haven't taken all the belly pan off yet. I also need to get down there and saw off some bolts and force off some rivet heads from the frame before I paint there. I want the belly pan to go on flush with the frame. Here's an idea of what the frame looks like. I'll have some better ones soon.

Keep me posted,

Stefrobrts 11-26-2004 04:47 PM

Ok, I'll try not to totally freak when I see what my frame looks like! That's a LOT of rust! Thanks for the pic.

pinkflamingoes 11-26-2004 06:51 PM

hi again,

The strip near the top of the picture does need to be replaced. But that was exposed for years and years and years, and that picture was taken before we removed the belly pan. The part of the frame that I wanted you to see is the part right above where it says "underneath shot". And that even does not have that much rust on it. There are other parts of my frame that really were rusted up but not rusted through. The key is no holes or corrosion where you can poke a screwdriver through. But please post pictures and get many many other opinions, I can only tell you how to paint and how Metal Prep tastes!


pinkflamingoes 11-28-2004 11:10 PM

I did it!!
I finally got brave and did something completely new. Painting doesn't really count; this was a whole new thing. I changed the wheel on the grinder to a cutting wheel, with the help of a neighbor who showed me how to change it, put on face protection, and got underneath and cut off bolts that are sticking out from the frame. They are the bolts that were holding on the belly pan and didn't come off when we removed it. In some cases there were still pieces of belly pan stuck under the head.

I had painted up to a certain point on the frame underneath, to the first crossbeam (I think that's what it is, the one that goes from side to side) but I left the very bottom of that beam unpainted because of the bolts still in there. I squirted the screws with Metal Ready hoping that would loosen them, figuring WD40 is a bad idea if you have to degrease it before painting. No luck. They wouldn't budge. So I cut 'em off. It sparked like the 4th of july down there! And I'm thinking rather than cutting, it sort of heats up and melts off the rest about halfway through. Very exciting for me. Pictures when I get the digital camera back.

But I'm very proud of myself, and I'm going to marine clean and paint a large part underneath the frame tomorrow if I can. Then I tackle the rest of the belly pan. Husband; ah, who needs him??

Then: wheel well removal. Then: I think: FLOOR REPLACEMENT...!! Now that I know I can't do myself.

"Honey? Ooooh, sweeetieeee..."


Stefrobrts 11-29-2004 03:26 AM

Ingrid, you are my kind of girl! And you inspire me as I continue towards my own floor replacement surgery! Keep the updates coming!

eljay 11-29-2004 05:11 AM

WOW! Isn't exciting when you conquer a new tool? :cool: I am so envious that you can work on yours while I sit and watch mine in the rain...Keep up the good work! Love watching the progress.

maxandgeorgia 11-29-2004 09:51 PM

and the rain and the rain and the rain and the (oops) snow and the rain. . .What's going on here? I'm ready to run out between the rain drops to sleep in Gypsy tonight just so I can enjoy. . .(you guessed it) the patter of rain on her aluminum roof. You'd think this grey sky misty country is the coast of Washington!

pinkflamingoes 11-30-2004 12:33 AM

Actually, hearing about all that weather was what made me realize I had no excuse but to get out there and do it, and take advantage of our weather. It's scary but not rocket science, and when I finally got the hang of it, the sun had gone down to where it was dark underneath the trailer. I was really excited to keep going, but when I was making sparks just so I could see, I decided I'd better stop.

Today I had to do other things involving forms and faxing and 800 numbers. Booo-rinnnggg...and I had to clean house since I'd left the kids inside to tear it up as long as they were entertained and didn't bug me. The weekend's pile of dishes is actually still there...!

But husband is home with the tomorrow!

pinkflamingoes 11-30-2004 08:27 PM

frame painted
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No it's not done, but I have pictures of the frame as it's being painted. I did some more today and I also have pictures of the sliced off bolt areas...I guess I shouldn't be doing this at night anymore. I did a number on the frame but I guess it will be OK.

Keep in mind I did this laying on my back under the trailer!

pinkflamingoes 12-18-2004 05:37 PM

painted another three feet of the frame towards the back today. Splattered dots of black on my face without knowing it; did a bunch of scrubbing and now I'm really pink, but at least the dalmatian effect is gone! Whew!

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