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SCTX 01-12-2016 07:31 PM

Special Edition - Pendleton National Parks Airstream
I guess this is what is replacing Eddie Bauer, at least for this year.

Airstream rolls out $114,600 trailer for national parks centennial. Don't worry, it's still silver - LA Times

Soyboy 03-03-2016 02:55 PM

We love Pendleton blankets etc. (sleep under them every night), but the price is out of sight as far as I am concerned. But AS seems to have plenty of customers that have the bucks to buy them LOL. I do like the big back door. Pretty neat.

We will keep our paid for 28' '99 and likely do a bit of a makeover with a southwestern/Pendleton theme (thought about doing this before the NP was announced BTW). I actually like the layout on our trailer better than a lot of the newer ones anyway.

What amazes me is how many late model used $80-100k (new) Airstreams there are out there. The depreciation hit on those after a couple of years was more than what we paid in total for ours used (and it was/is in very good shape).

That said I'll reiterate that I do think the NP is a cool trailer if you have the moo-laa!

OTRA15 03-03-2016 04:29 PM

FYI there is another parallel thread on this.

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