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travelux1969 08-14-2018 09:20 AM


Originally Posted by alexdubs (Post 2142499)
I should mention the latch is a Bargman, and the code is 10-40-030

there is an outfit in the states that sells vintage trailer bits and pieces. have a look at this link, it might be what you need.

i purchased just the lock tumbler and keys from them as the rest of my door lock was in decent condition or repairable. they have complete locks and handles as you can see.

tinnyjinny 09-25-2019 02:01 PM

Just purchased a field find papers but I'm thinking a 1966Travelux 25ft

tinnyjinny 09-25-2019 02:04 PM

I do need more information you can send it to me via email if available ..the inside appliances are all real green I havent seen one yet that is simular

tinnyjinny 09-25-2019 09:05 PM

Teal green blue I mean all the sinks and appliances...Ive seen rose coloured ones but not teal. Maybe you can help on the year.

Camper Crazy 09-26-2019 10:56 AM

Just came across this post. Good job Traveluxkid, what valuable information you have and are obviously taking good care of.

Camper Crazy 09-26-2019 11:03 AM

Tinnyjinny, would love to see some interior pix of your jewel.

tinnyjinny 09-27-2019 12:08 AM

3 Attachment(s)
heres some photos

tinnyjinny 09-27-2019 12:16 AM

1 Attachment(s)
more of what I think is a 66 ...appliance never used some rot under windows on floe

Camper Crazy 09-27-2019 05:40 PM

What a sweet trailer! I love the whole look of it. I have just removed most of the '70s harvest gold and avocado green from my '72 airstream. The pre '70's colours are so much nicer. Good luck with your rebuild, hopefully Traveluxkid has time to stay on line, the history is fascinating.

tinnyjinny 09-27-2019 11:55 PM

Just got it home here tonight ..pulled like a dream. I'll have to search the trailer through to figure out the correct year

I have only seen one other photo simular but the stove was avacado not this sweat real colour

Juliec 09-28-2019 07:19 AM

Looks good
Travelux are great. You are lucky to have found this one. Mine was end of 60s with green avocado appliances. After sitting it and starting a shell off renovation, my shell collapsed under heavy snow. I did not brace it inside after reattaching the shell to the frame. I was heart broken. I have kept the renovated frame and will perhaps do a tiny home with it. For now, I am going backpacking in Greece instead of putting more money on it. Good luck though. It is all worth it. Asks lots of questions to those that have done it. You will avoid situation similar to mine.

tinnyjinny 09-28-2019 12:30 PM

So we brought our camper Travelux trailer home last night 19feet long but looks and feels bigger! Is clean no major damage or wear except for the floor..easy fix . Will leave it all intact and do some samind and staining.
Also found no Vin or numbers except these 2225 on the tongue and inside the closet door. Any ideas on year I am still thinking 60s

tinnyjinny 09-28-2019 12:35 PM

searching for year and vin
4 Attachment(s)
ahelp me if you can

Camper Crazy 09-28-2019 06:44 PM

I can't give you direction on where else to look for your S/N. Interesting enough, I have a 16' Pathfinder that was purchased at Williams Auto Sales in Winnipeg (same plate near the door). The S/N on this little trailer is 4147. I have not been able to date this trailer and can't find a picture like it on the www. Good luck

travelux1969 09-29-2019 11:38 AM

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tinnyjinny, i believe you will find that 2225 is your vin number. my 1969 travelux is ser 6119, found on closet door, as yours is. when you need to get an ownership, DO NOT go to any government contractor office (eg like "service" ontario) as some have no clue what they are doing. go to a real government drivers and vehicles office. you will need to swear an affidavit, and they can help you. mine is the same length as yours, 24 feet tongue to bumper. mine was avocado appliances, originally, replaced with correct vintage yellow ones, including an original fridge (woohoo, it still works) from a travelux being gutted for a bunkie.

brakes are kelsey hayes, your stove a midland enterprises made by greg lund products? duotherm furnace, allanson charger/inverter?

i have some electronic copies of manuals, that i am willing to share, as such info can be extremely difficult to find
some photos follow of my unit. note the window placement on mine is similar to yours. you may have a unit that is very early. travelux were built, as i understand, 1966 to 1978. trademark was registered 1966-02-03

you have a treasure, please don't "update" it, enjoy the vintage aspect. my wife and i use ours for the barrie spring auto flea market every year, very comfortable.

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