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ColoradoLady 01-10-2016 02:13 PM

What would you do if you won $1 Billion?
Historic $1Billion powerball lottery!

Now, I don't advocate gambling....but, come on now....$1 Billion? I don't usually play, but, for those kind of $$$$....we just HAVE TO! So, my daughter and I decided to buy 3 tickets each, and dream.....out of 6 Quick Pics, we had 3 numbers on separate tickets...0$.

This morning, we decided if we are meant to ticket each will suffice. (Being frugal, don't cha know). Of course, the mind runs wild ....what would you do with that kind of money?

1. First off...donate to charity...big $$$$!

2. Buy a big motor home (Airstream, of course), and hire a driver to do all the work.

3. Buy a big house, with. Huge closets and pantries,...(there is never enough storage space). Have housekeepers and gardeners to do all the work.

4. Buy homes for each of the grands. (They're still young...they can do their own house chores.)

5. Pay for college for each of the grands in their chosen fields. They need to keep working for a living.

6. I'm already retired, but, daughter would we can travel.

7. New cars for each of us.

8. Donate more $$$ to charity.

9. Travel in my Airstream...anywhere, anytime I want!

10. Take bucket list trips.

Now, what would you do?

bwoodtx 01-10-2016 02:23 PM

I would pay off debts, put some in savings and mutual funds, maybe splurge a little and the rest would go to several animal rescues we are affiliated with.

BoldAdventure 01-10-2016 02:27 PM

Quit job and buy rental properties, setup a trust fund for the kids.

KJRitchie 01-10-2016 02:35 PM

Hire an attorney and a tax accountant. Then figure out the rest.

Since I don't gamble I will never win a lottery. I can't even win a coin toss.


badkat 01-10-2016 02:39 PM

Money to rescue, cancer research and invest in to what is considered very safe. Maybe a custom AS and tow vehicle. I guess next is you have to disappear to keep others from asking for money. Could be a blessing or a curse.

ColoradoLady 01-10-2016 02:41 PM

Oh, I forgot....tell no one you won....distant relatives would instantly appear!

mimiandrews 01-10-2016 02:57 PM

Faint! I've never been even moderately lucky.

ColoradoLady 01-10-2016 03:05 PM

Mimi, I hear you. Some folks are lucky...I've never been. I have always had to work HARD for everything! However, one can dream! I think...someone will eventually win, and it only takes one ticket. Maybe at age 77, Lady Luck might consider a little old white haired lady? LOL!

westcoastas 01-10-2016 03:06 PM

I would pay someone to polish my ten-year old Airstream and then go back and read the Small Space Living thread from the start.

I'm already living my dream.

PaulnGina 01-10-2016 03:07 PM

I would pay my tithe to the church, I would pay off our house, maybe sell it. Quit work. Then Gina and I would hit the road to see this beautiful country of ours on absolutely no timetable whatsoever. I would be a very benevolent rich person! There are so many worthwhile causes and people in need. Shoot, I would probably pay off our best friend's house, gift them a chunk of change so THEY could quit work, then invite them on our road trip! We, as 2 couples who would like to be of service to other people, could have quite a ministry together.

But, since I'm not much into lotteries or casinos, it's just a dream.

1987 Avion 34W
1995 Ford F250 7.3L PowerStroke

Blessed and highly favored

Lily&Me 01-10-2016 03:13 PM

Unfathomable.......haven't bought any tickets yet, but was thinking this am that I almost must. :bb:

I would share with my children and loved ones, give to some worthy causes, perhaps buy a piece of land in a beloved somewhere for a landing pad for the Interstate....and, go from there. :)


silverhawk 01-10-2016 03:30 PM

Big Money, Big Dreams
I would open an Airstream and Vintage Kin campground with rentable silver trailers of whatever brand I choose. These would serve as lodging in the same manner that state park cabins are used. All campsites would be pull in and pull out types so that nobody will have to back into a tiny space. All sites will be spacious beyond belief, where your privacy will be up to you.
Of course jobs will be created to operate and maintain the campground because I will be spending my time traveling and visiting other campgrounds all over creation.:)

DanB 01-10-2016 03:50 PM

New tires for the truck.

And buy Nebraska.

PKI 01-10-2016 04:05 PM

Not say a word to anyone!

Edit - Opps, I see that is taken above.
So plan B - turn it into a small fortune. That's what you do when you start doing fun things with a big fortune, right?

rideair 01-10-2016 04:37 PM

Could always make a bid for the "Airstream Company", then offer the different model trailers that have been made through the years late 1940's,1950's and forward (at a price, of course) which can be fully customized based on a customers wishes.

From there go on my "Paint it Red Tour". That's where when I roll into town and see one of the little meters where a group is raising money for something you just say, "Paint it Red" and stroke a check.

My just, in less than five years I'd be broke, but I'd have a bunch of fun and make a lot of folks happy.


BoldAdventure 01-10-2016 05:27 PM

I'd also curse at how much money the feds would automatically want in taxes.

AWCHIEF 01-10-2016 06:39 PM

Number one priority would be a good tax account/lawyer.

nvestysly 01-10-2016 07:40 PM

Let's say you actually receive $1 billion net - forget about taxes for a minute, I want to keep the math simple.

Most charitable foundations give away approximately 5% of their holdings each year - there's a formula imposed by the IRS but it's 5% or so. Many charitable foundations continue in perpetuity (or close to it) and most grow with time. Assuming good stewardship of the foundation the $1 billion lottery winner could give away $50,000,000 every year! Forever!

That's quite a bit of "paint it red," or other form of philanthropy.

I might just have to put a little to the side for myself. After all it would take quite a bit of work to run that non-profit foundation.

DanB 01-10-2016 07:48 PM

Let me expand on my previous "dream".

In addition to two other non-profits I would start, I would create a special team of Airstreamers. This team would be work in cooperation with the American Red Cross as a immediate response team to national disasters. I would fund 10 airstreams and 10 2016 3/4 ton Suburbans along with a team of needed supply trucks.

This team would be placed strategically to be able to respond within 16 hours of most of the USA.

Something like tornado chasers, but reactive.

Protagonist 01-10-2016 08:03 PM

70% of all lottery winners go bankrupt in seven years or less. Though I'd like to think I'd be one of the 30% who have better sense, the odds are against it.

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