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Lexxy 08-19-2002 08:21 PM

Help with picture
Someone....Please help me get a picture off the members pictures page. It let me post it but it won't let me take it off. I tried deleting it and it says I don't have permission to do that. I feel so self's inappropriate.

I thought these pictures just came up if folks went to your private profile like in Yahoo and I was just being too cute!!! I would never have put all those pictures and witty comments if I'd known they would be out there for everyone to see....and if I go to the FAQ it come up a dud page. I know I should have read all the rules first....or at least looked the site over better!!!

Guess I just lost my rivet, huh???

InsideOut 08-19-2002 09:20 PM

No, you can keep your rivet!
Try this...

1. Get to your "Profile for Lexxy" page, click on link to or logon directly to "". You should be able to see thumbnails of all your photos once you have logged in.
2. Click on the photo you want to delete, it should enlarge in a new window.
3. On the right is a button that says "Edit Photo", click on it, another window will open up.
4. Check the box on the bottom right that says "(checking this checkbox will delete the image)"
5. Click on the "Upload/Submit" button...

That should do it...good luck!

:D At least we all know you have a terrific sense of humor...say cheese! :D


Lexxy 08-20-2002 07:48 AM

Problem with delete...
see....that's the problem...I did that several times and it didn't work and I went into panic mode!

Everytime I went to the pix "IT" thought someone loved looking at it and it went to the top of the list as the most looked at about embarrassing!!! And I was real tired...kept thinking I was missing something but apparently the delete is malfunctioning and they are fixing it and in the mean time there are a few folks who will see the ABSOLUTE only picture ever taken of me without makeup!!

I flush just thinking of it...I will have to stay off this BB until I recover!!! I'm Kidding...I do have a sense of humor and I want to fix this A/S more than I am vane!!!

I should have never tried to be cutesy!!! But I did check to see if there was a delete button...I just didn't know it would flash a screen and tell me I had no right to delete my own photo!! I'm sure it's just a quirk and we will all laugh at me....won't be the first or last time!!!

74Argosy24MH 08-20-2002 08:49 AM

Send Andy (Organic Hosting) an e-mail or pm. I had him remove one for me.


Lexxy 08-20-2002 08:50 AM

Traveling Tenement
I enjoy the rapport here. Today, actually we are braced, as we wait to hear what it will cost to get some brakes fixed. Apparently they haven't been connected for 20 years. The guy said we may have almost new brakes on there somewhere....could it be??? Under all that rust? We have to have a sense of humor!!!

We have an appointment next month with the body guy to rebend the bumper back into shape [U isn't the right shape] and sandblast rust and rebuild a box for the holding tank so we have a concrete plan in motion.

I have a garage full of plastic and fiberglass to sand and paint and Chuck has pulled old cabinets to sorta duplicate in upgrades but we will do that later.

We will learn gas, 12v, pumps and drainage when the time comes. That list of renovation priorities I printed from a vintage site was great.

You should see this "traveling tenement" going down the street with duct tape holding the tail lights, tag and garbage bags over the empty window holes!!! Not to mention the scrapes and scratches!!! Gotta laugh!!!

davidz71 08-20-2002 05:50 PM

Ahhh, but look what the finished product will look like! I look back at the repairs and improvements I have made on my trailer over the last 15 months and said to myself "I did that, with the help and guidance of many from this forum." I have to admit I have been tested more than once and thrown my hands up more than I care to admit but I keep plugging (or riveting in this case) away. Next step is to start polishing to brighten her up. I can't wait. Good luck on your new project.

Lexxy 08-20-2002 06:53 PM

I'm thinking I should keep these kinds of messages for when we are ready to give up and take it to the recycling bin and then we will really need them to hang on!!! Thanks:D

Actually ...the more I read about polishing the more I am trying to acquire a taste for the "satin" style finish. Do you suppose I could start a new "distressed" look trend in airstreams???

It's like when your beat a piece of furniture with chains,scrape it and muddy it up so it looks like it's been in someone's garage for 10 years. That's the look my Airstream already has...."shabby-chic". I could call it that if I hadn't already named it "Dewdrop" in some wild cutsey frenzy....I gotta watch this cutesy phase I seem to be going thru!!!:rolleyes:

[It's really hard not to be cutesy now I have learned to use some of this vb]

Also...are you going to get a loan and buy one of those polishers? Is it possible to actually do it by hand? Within reason? When we had a sailboat I really was pretty compulsive about the gelcoat and keeping it looking "schoonery" so I'm sure I will be about this Airstream too.

BobbyW 08-20-2002 07:00 PM

Leave them up...

Don't you dare remove those pictures. ( or you either Andy) It adds to the project documentation. Most of the pictures that are posted are so impersonal and it makes it appear that things just happen magically. I posted pictures of my wife spray painting our frame. She knows they are not flattering, but she is so proud of the work and sense of accomplishment.

Look at Will's pictures of him spray painting his interior. It shows him with the proper safety equipment on. This just helps drive home the point of using the proper equipment when undertaking a project.

My vote is to keep them. (Plus, y'all look SOOO cute trying to get the shower surround out)


Lexxy 08-20-2002 07:24 PM

soooo nice
Thanks for saying that but if more people made fools of themselves I wouldn't mind so much...and actually I did it to personalize what I thought would just go on my profile.

It was cute seeing my husband trying to get that shower out of that small dooway like a chinese I had to snap that one.

I was having fun under there acquainting myself with the rusty underside of the trailer...a place I'd never been before while Chuck was documenting body work.

Well...I don't feel as self conscious anyway! Maybe more folks will open up and reveal their uninhibited sides!!!

[sure wish I had some make up on tho!!]

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