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OTRA15 11-06-2015 06:29 AM

On The Road Again -- Music Channel I
Continuing with good music for being On The Road Again from the 20-footer thread.

Destinations, trailers, motor homes, heartache, trucks, dawgs, ex's, sunsets, sunrises, you name it . . .

What music gets you in the mood to be OTRA?

Starting off with a great fast number -- check out this one at stamp 1:24 !

OTRA15 11-06-2015 06:46 AM

How about this Texas Two-Step number from Dave Alvin? Catchy beat makes you want to get up and take a stroll on the dance floor?

OTRA15 11-06-2015 06:52 AM

And of course, this live version from Willie Nelson of the theme song . . .

He also does a live version with The Highwaymen, but I can't find it just yet.


OTRA15 11-06-2015 07:03 AM

How about this tear-jerker from Tammy Wynette, which recently closed out the great film Hateship -- Loveship with Kristen Wiig falling in love . . . with several nice twists of plot?

OTRA15 11-06-2015 07:11 AM

Lastly sitting on the porch with the poor boy blues from Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler to lead off this one with a good beat, followed by -- at time stamp 34:35 -- The Next Time I'm In Town:

OTRA15 11-07-2015 04:12 AM

A couple more thoughts on the songs posted so far --

1. Heads Carolina, Tails California
The best part of being on a long trailer trip in my mind is the freedom to pick a route or rest stop at any time whatsoever. This song embodies that spirit! Sometimes even at home when we are going down to the store for groceries, I get out a quarter, put this song on, and we flip the quarter -- ah, the freedom of choosing a new route every so often . . . even on the way to the grocery store.

2. Rio Grande
This song makes me want to get up and dance with the missus. Period. It played while we were out to dinner a couple of years ago, and we spontaneously got up and did a couple of small twirls next to our table, then sat down. The whole place clapped and laughed like crazy. Another Heads Carolina, Tails California moment!

In the 90's we stayed at a Motel 6 right next to the Rio Grande in El Paso during a winter trip across the South. The neighborhood was poor and mean -- chain link fences all over. We were hesitant to stay there and leave the trailer unattended in the parking lot. It all worked out OK. The Rio Grande is an amazing river -- check out the road atlas -- it is huge!

This area of Texas also reminds me of the mini-series Lonesome Dove, one of the best moves ever made IMO, and certainly a classic "road trip" if ever there was one! If you have never seen it, please get it and park yourself over a rainy weekend to watch this hologram of life IMO.

3. On The Road Again
When you hear this song start, don't your hands itch to grab the steering wheel and take off?

4. 'Til I Get It Right
"I'll keep on fallin' in love, 'til I get it right." Yup, been there done that . . . What a voice! And the movie Hateship - Loveship with Kristen Wiig was great.

OK, how about another fast number with a travel theme?

OTRA15 11-07-2015 04:24 AM

Van Morrison on The Bright Side of the Road!

This song closed out the film Michael about an angel with wings, with three newspaper people, and dog Sparky, on an oddball cross-country road trip to get a scoop on Michael. Great cast - Jean Stapleton, William Hurt, Andie McDowell, and John Travolta -- and hysterical scenes in various tourist attractions and restaurants on the way back to Chicago. Also a great love story, it turns out.

Another good dance tune IMO, with the film's closing scene showing an other-worldly kind of dance . . . (gotta see the movie!) . . .

ROBERT CROSS 11-07-2015 07:45 AM




OTRA15 11-07-2015 08:14 AM

Thanks Bob for the excellent tunes!


PS for everyone -- instead of hitting the Play button in the middle of the YouTube window, if you hit the link at the top a new window will open with easier Full Screen etc. options available.

PS2 -- in case you missed it, check out the vintage Airstream in the first video at time stamp 1:23.

OTRA15 11-07-2015 08:32 AM

Meet Me In Montana -- a wistful number . . .

CruizinDux 11-11-2015 12:43 AM

OK, time to jump in. However I'm not sure how you all are inserting the you-tube screen (with the play button) and with the link at the top. I'm W7 and Firefox at home, but had the same result at work (W7 and IE). Seems I'm able to only insert the link.

Suggestions and guidance appreciated

So for the site, I have to say we have an album mindset, so my posts will be albums (OK...CD's) as opposed to solo (favorite songs). Maybe it's old school but we still prefer the whole album as it was recorded

We have two CD's that are always at the head of the (CD) pack (along with Neck & Neck). The first is simply a feel good album. This guy is having fun and is a great road tip playlist. At the iconic Keystone in Berkeley in the early 80's, I don't think they ever changed the marque...Jerry Garcia....Elvis Bishop

Sure feels good (and other great tunes)
Hope this works...had trouble finding the whole album

The second is a cover of Eagles songs. Some friends have's a county version...we'll, so what your point? Great covers.

Hope you all enjoy


almost forgot the wine...@ 14:36
A CD that is a little bluesy at time but good bones.

OTRA15 11-11-2015 04:01 AM

Lots of great tunes, Bob, thanks!

Travis Tritt is fine indeed on Take It Easy IMO . . . a GREAT road song . . . a CLASSIC!

Alan Jackson's Tequila Sunrise . . . glassy tubes at Baja's San Miguel after a rough night at Hussongs!

Looks like you figured out YouTube for wine. Here is a live version from Monterrey in '67.

Thanks again for the fine tunes . . . !!!

OTRA15 11-11-2015 04:23 AM

Speaking of Alan Jackson, this one came out recently, and makes me think of the next trip we hope to take south into the Appalachians. There is a great thread here on the Smokey Mountain campgrounds which folks recommend.

Also on the 20-footer thread there is the recent Twilight Zone strangers-in-the-night close encounter! Phew . . . remarkable . . .

A nice mellow love song --

His Drive album has some good driving songs too!

OTRA15 11-15-2015 06:04 AM

Here's the song I mentioned recently about "finding one's way" in this "big ol' world" when one misses a certain train . . .

I have also always liked this quote from Steinbeck's Travels With Charley: In Search of America --

"A trip, a safari, an exploration, is an entity, different from all other journeys. It has personality, temperament, individuality, uniqueness. A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us . . . "

This is the best part about being On The Road Again IMO -- the ever-changing unfolding of the plan we are meant to follow.

Glad things worked out near Asheville for the 20-footer folks!

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