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westernjeep401 10-10-2015 08:58 AM

2014 Dometic 15,000 BTU

I have a Dometic 15,000 BTU (non-ducted) unit in the box. It DOES NOT have rooftop controls; it was setup for the electronic was-mounted thermostat.

When I was at Jackson Center last week, I had service replace this unit with a brand-new one at my expense. Even though it performed within current draw and outlet temp specs (in their shop on a cool cloudy day), the compressor would shake the coach on shut-down, literally waking me up in the middle of the night repeatedly. On hot days, current draw ran as high as 29a on-rush, leveling to 12.9-18a. However, it only has about 6 hours run time and is like-new. It is worth noting that the new identical unit has a maximum rush of 9a, although the outside temp was 62f cloudy.

It's in the box on the floor of my shop. $400 gets it.

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