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GoingSmwhere 09-16-2015 08:27 AM

Pro Series WD with Friction Sway Control
HI Everyone,

We're about to tow the Int Signature 27FB for the first time next week. Time to make a hitch decision and after much deliberation we came up with this:

Our tow vehicle is 2015 F150. According to customer service at this is a great and popular system with one little drawback: you have to disengage the friction sway control before backing the trailer up. Just wanted your input before we make the final call. I know there is many out there to chose from and yes, we are newbies - any feedback/advice would be appreciated. How much of a PITA is this going to be vs a system that allows backing up the trailer without unhooking anything? Would something else be better for first time towers?

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