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AirstreamPDX 09-09-2015 01:44 PM

68' Overlander: Bargman L100 Can't lock from outside!
Hi everyone,

I can't lock my Overlander from the outside. Its a Bargman L100 I believe (round knobs both sides, knurled edges of knob, square backing plate). I've squirted all kinds of lube, liquid wrench etc and no luck. I fiddled with loosening and tightening the mechanism, no luck there either. I need to dive deeper.

It locks fine from the inside, and I can unlock it from the outside, but now I can't really lock it from the outside. (Used to be tough, now impossible).

Any suggestions? Could it just be the cylinder? Do I need to rebuild? (Not looking forward to replacing with similar at ~$400 )

If necessary I am open to replacing the lock with something more contemporary/functional, but not willing to modify the door or frame etc. Suggestions here for Plan B would be helpful too.

68' Overlander

68 TWind 09-09-2015 02:13 PM

I had a little trouble with my lock when I got the trailer but a good cleaning cured it. Mine is the same as yours. I took of off the trailer and used brake cleaner spray to get the 40 year old grease cleaned out. Then re-lubed with good white lithium grease on the mechanism and a good teflon containing spray for the cylinder.
You are turning the key to the left to lock? Also might try pushing on the door as you try and turn the key to take any tension off the bolt. Let us know if a good cleaning helps. One other thing, have you tried other keys?

montanablue 09-09-2015 03:29 PM

I can help you with your lock. Contact me at
I have rebuild kits and locks. I will also send you an exploded view the lock which I am sure will be helpful.
Send me an email with your number and we can discuss your lock.

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